Pack of 5 AutoCal Devices

EFILive's AutoCal device is intended to provide a convenient platform for professional tuners to distribute custom tunes to their customers. And for their customers to collect and submit logged data back to the tuner for analysis. It allows the tuner to update and optimize the original tune without shipping and/or removing controllers from customers' vehicles.  To program an AutoCal device for an end user, the Tuner must first program the AutoCal using their FlashScan V2 device.

Where FlashScan V2 offers end users the ability to create, view, and modify tunes, with AutoCal ONLY the FlashScan V2 programmed to the AutoCal device has that access.  The end user gains access to the tune, and the ability to data log/read clear codes, but the Tuner retains software permissions.  AutoCal devices cannot be shared by an end user between multiple FlashScan devices, only the device that first programmed the AutoCal has software rights to that device.


AutoCal Specifications and Features


  • Supporting Remote Customers
    The location of a customer and the location of a tuner become irrelevant with AutoCal. Once a tuner sends a customer an AutoCal device, tune files and data logs can be emailed for data analysis and tune revision. The customer never needs to visit a shop for re-tuning. Why would customers ever settle for a generic handheld tune ever again? AutoCal is perfect for tuners with remote customers.
  • Hard Parts Suppliers
    Engine parts suppliers can include an AutoCal device with each engine upgrade package. The customer attaches AutoCal to their vehicle and reads out the existing calibration and emails it back to the parts supplier. The parts supplier emails the customer a tune file that matches their controller. The customer flashes their engine and/or transmission controller(s) with the matching tune file(s).
  • Mail Order Tuning
    Tuners can offer mail order tunes that can be delivered via an AutoCal device. Using an AutoCal device means the customer is not required to remove/replace any controllers. This is especially important for vehicles with controllers that cannot be removed, such as the T43 transmission controller.
  • Multiple Tunes
    Tuners can sell multiple tunes to their customers. For example a power tune, an economy tune and a tow tune. Multiple tunes can be stored in a single AutoCal device and the customer can flash in the appropriate tune at any time to suit their requirements.

A FlashScan Device is Required

To be able to create tunes for your customers’ AutoCal devices, you must:

  • Connect the AutoCal device and your FlashScan V2 device to the same PC and select the link option, or
  • Send a file that was "saved for AutoCal" to your customer that the customer flashes into their vehicle. AutoCal will link itself to the FlashScan device that was used to save the file for use with an AutoCal device.

Differences between FlashScan V2 and AutoCal

There are significant differences between FlashScan V2 and AutoCal for end users. It is important that both the tuner and the tuner’s customer (end user) understand these differences.

  • With FlashScan V2, end users have the ability to create, view, and modify tunes. With AutoCal, only the tuner has that ability.
  • Tunes from multiple sources can be flashed with FlashScan V2, however AutoCal is limited to flashing tunes provided by a single tuner.

AutoCal Operating and Storage Conditions




Operating Range

Storage Range




















50G, 11ms


50G, 11ms 






USB Input Volage





Vehicle Input Voltage






Software Requirements

For AutoCal to be functional tuners will need to ensure the software and firmware on their FlashScan V2 is the same version programmed on each AutoCal device. When you update the firmware on your FlashScan device, you should also advise your customers to update their AutoCal devices to the same version.

In addition to standalone reading, flashing, logging and clearing codes, AutoCal can be used in pass-thru mode to;

  • Read and flash all supported controllers and to auto-lock controllers that support auto-locking using the EFILive V8 software.
  • Log data and retrieve trouble codes with the V7.5 software.

AutoCal cannot be used in pass-thru mode with the V7.5 software to read, flash or lock any controllers.

AutoCal Capacity

AutoCal has approximately 6.2Mb of memory available for tunes and logged data. There is a limit of 5 files that can be made available for flashing at any one time. The size of the selected tune files determines the remaining memory available for data logging and reading existing controllers that can be stored on a single AutoCal device. EFILive supports two tune file types: 1. .ctz (calibration tune zipped) files contain both operating system and calibration data, which means they can be used for both cal-flash and full-flash operations. 2. .coz (calibration only zipped) files contain calibration data only (no operating system data), which means they can only be used for cal-flash operations, full flash is not possible with *.coz files. Average file sizes in KBytes for selected controllers are detailed below.

Gas Controllers

Diesel Controllers


.coz size

.ctz size


.coz size

.ctz size

E37, E38, E67






E39, E39A, E78






E40, P12





























  • Each AutoCal device ships with one VIN license available for tuning one engine and one transmission controller.
  • Each AutoCal device can be VIN licensed to flash up to 221 engine and transmission controllers.
  • AutoCal VIN licenses cost $125 each and may be purchased via EFILive’s online store or via an EFILive Dealer or Distributor the same as FlashScan VIN licenses are purchased now.
  • AutoCal VIN licenses are not eligible for rebates on FlashScan stream purchases.
  • Stream licenses are not available for AutoCal devices, (even if a FlashScan stream license is available for the target controller), the tuner is still required to license that controller to the AutoCal device before it can be flashed using that AutoCal device.
  • Although AutoCal can be used to return the customer’s vehicle to stock, doing so will not “reset” the VIN license that was used to flash the vehicle.
  • VIN licenses cannot be copied from one FlashScan or AutoCal device to another device even if a tuner has previously licensed a controller to a FlashScan device.


A tuner can unlink an AutoCal device from their FlashScan device to allow that AutoCal to be relinked to another FlashScan device.  This feature would most commonly be used when:

  • The AutoCal is accidently linked to the wrong FlashScan V2 device before shipping
  • The tuner’s customer (end user) wishes to use another tuner with an EFILive FlashScan V2 for their tuning services.

Unlinking an AutoCal is at the sole discretion of the tuner.  End users should make appropriate inquiries on the tuner's unlinking policy prior to purchase.

Protecting Your Investment

AutoCal can be configured to protect your hard work to deter unscrupulous operators from stealing your work.  All tune files are encrypted using EFILive’s proprietary encryption routines. As the author of a tune you can choose to restrict the tune in multiple ways:

  • Restrict a tune file so that it can only be flashed into a particular engine or transmission controller (of your choosing).
  • Restrict a tune file so that it can only be flashed by a particular AutoCal device (of your choosing).
  • Restrict a tune file so that it cannot be modified.
  • Restrict a tune file so that it cannot be viewed.

The restrictions can only be saved when your FlashScan device is connected to the PC. The restrictions can only be removed if a FlashScan device with the same license number is connected to the PC.  Additionally, any files that have restrictions applied cannot be opened using the EFILive V7.5 software.

Locking Controllers

To compliment the protection mechanisms described in the previous section, AutoCal is designed to automatically lock the controller before flashing your custom tune into it. That prevents the otherwise unprotected tune being read back out again by unscrupulous operators.

Auto-locking is currently only supported for the following controllers: E38, E67, E78, E39, E39A, E92, E80, E40, LS1B, E54, E60, E98, T43, T87 and A50.

Warning: Locking a controller will prevent 99.9% of customers from retrieving your tune file from that controller; however the locking process is not foolproof and can be bypassed by someone with the correct knowledge and a lot of spare time.

Pooling AutoCal

If a tuner intends to offer remote tuning to their customers using multiple AutoCal devices which are pooled for use by multiple remote customers, the tuner will need to make sure that the AutoCal device to which the end user’s controller was originally licensed is always re-sent to that end user. A simple way to avoid that management issue would be for the tuner to provide an AutoCal device for each remote customer.

Retailing AutoCal

AutoCal is not intended to be re-sold as bare hardware. Tuners are expected to provide some value-add to the AutoCal device such as a tune or an agreement to provide a tune to the end customer. The profit that a tuner realizes when selling AutoCal comes from their value-add, rather than the value of the bare hardware.


AutoCals can be purchased directly from EFILive and/or Distributors. The minimum order quantity from EFILive is one (1) bundle of five (5) AutoCal devices.   EFILive Distributors and Dealers can sell AutoCal in single units, please contact them for single unit pricing.

Existing dealer discounts do not apply to AutoCal devices. Updated bundle pricing information can be found here AutoCal Pricing

Custom Artwork

Tuners may choose to have custom artwork for their AutoCal devices to create a ‘brand’ for their value-add product/service.  Contact EFILive, or SoCal Diesel, for pricing and label specifications.

Supporting AutoCal

Tuners are responsible for supporting customers to whom they have provided AutoCal devices. Supporting AutoCal includes supporting the EFILive software and USB driver installations that are required to configure AutoCal and to move tunes to/from AutoCal.

Unlike FlashScan, EFILive will not provide support directly to AutoCal end users. EFILive will provide support only to the owner of the FlashScan V2 device to which an AutoCal is registered.

There may be cases where the demarcation of support responsibilities may be unclear or unworkable. In such cases, Tuners should contact EFILive ( to discuss alternate support solutions.


EFILive will provide a standard 12 month warranty on all labour and materials, similar to the existing FlashScan V2 warranty. End Users should contact their Tuner for warranty claims.