Download EFILive

Download EFILive

The version(s) of the EFILive software required is dependent on your EFILive hardware device.  The sections below indicate which software is necessary for your specific device:

  1. FlashScan V3 & AutoCal V3: Download the V8.3 software.
  2. FlashScan V2 & FlashScan HD: Download both the V8 and V7.5 software.
  3. AutoCal V2 & AutoCal HD: Download the V8 software.
  4. FlashScan V1: Download the V7.5 software.

Check for Updates functions are activate for customers updating from public release to public release software. Customers updating from Release Candidate or Beta software must download public release software manually. Customers wanting to update to Beta software, please download from beta software post below.

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