14 Aug
Creating Calculated PIDs

When data logging, a controller outputs its data to be logged as a set of PIDs (Parameter IDentifiers). Each PID contains discrete data that describes (one or maybe a number of) operating conditions within the controller (e.g. throttle position or engine speed).. Learn how to create calculated PIDs.

03 Aug
Controller Recovery & VIN License Replacement

A flash failure will normally not render supported EFILive controllers unrecoverable.  In most cases full flashing the controller with a stock tune file that has no security options active, will restore the controller to proper working order.

03 Aug
Cummins HD Platform Expansion

Following on from our July release of CM2150 and CM2150E controller mapping and flashing, read and flash support is now available for CM850, CM870, CM871, CM875 and CM876 controllers. Customers are asked to submit any read files from these controllers so that controller mapping can commence.