23 Sep

EFILive Tune Tool Development

The EFILive Tune Tool continues to progress with tune files now functional in the development tune tool editor. With greater functionality in terms of customization, precision and display, the tune tool editor comes standard with multiple themes, including light and dark to suit each users application.

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The new calibration comparison in V8 allows for comparisons between files that are from different operating systems. Filtering options exist that shows relevant results:

  • Different: Hides/Shows calibrations that exist in both tune file but have different values.
  • Identical: Hides/Shows calibrations that exist in both tune file and have identical values (including identical row and column labels).
  • Unpaired: Hides/Shows calibrations that only exist in one of the tune files but not in both.

Where calibration tables have different sizes or different row and/or column labels the table cannot be compared cell-for-cell. Instead an interpolated difference is computed over the entire calibration table that shows a computed "percentage difference" between the two calibrations.

The following additional features are also under development.

  • Intelligent copy/paste that:
    • automatically converts between different units.
    • supports copying data accurately between tables that have different rows/columns using interpolation.
    • automatically fill empty cells with intelligent defaults.
  • Easily change display units for rows, columns and table data.
  • Multiple selections per table, selected data is not restricted to a single rectangle.
  • Display simulated, interpolated data to see how the target controller interprets calibration data.
  • Tables can be transposed, i.e. the row and column labels can be swapped.
  • Curve fitting generates smooth curves based on only a few data points.
  • 2D chart editing (via the mouse) is more accurate.
  • 3D charts are displayed in perspective.
  • 3D charts accurately model the controller's interpolation of the calibration data.

The EFILive team looks forward to sharing our progress with you over the coming weeks and months ahead of our tune tool beta release.