29 Aug

CM2450B Support Now Available

EFILive is pleased to release support for the CM2450B controller used in the 2019 Dodge Ram with the 6.7L Cummins engine. Flashing for the CM2350B controller uses similar methods to the CM2350B controller; specifically:

  1. The controller cannot be read via the OBD-II port.  Customers will need to obtain a suitable base file for editing and flashing; refer to the Quick Start Guide. 
  2. RSA Digital Signature is managed via EFILive software during OBD-II flashing,
  3. The Security Gateway Module (SGM) will need to be bypassed in order to communicate with the controller.

Extensive in vehicle testing using pass-thru flashing and FlashScan and AutoCal flashing has been completed, and recovery steps fully tested.  Tune file parameters have been implemented in the V7.5 Tune Tool software, with parameter offerings similar to those available for the CME/CM2350B platform.

Generic scan tool data has been implemented for this controller and while CSP5 and EDA logging are both planned for CM2450B, they will not be available for our initial public release. Cummins 2019+ Quick Start documentation is now available.

This is a free software update to all EFILive customers.  To tune a 2019 Cummins, customers will require an AutoCal or FlashScan V2 with Dodge Cummins Tuning option and an available VIN License.  Customers wanting to use these new features should read the release notes and beta software warnings before updating.