06 Jul
Cummins 2013+ CM2350B (CME) OBD-II Security Unlock

EFILive is pleased to announce that the July 2018 Beta software delivers flashing via OBD-II without the need to first unlock the ECM via the J1939 under hood port. EFILive's updated flash routines now manage unlocking functions during the ECM flash process, eliminating the need to use third party methods to remove the anti-tuning Digital Signature via the under hood OEM 3 Plug Connector before programming with EFILive.

06 Jul
Cummins HD Support Expansion
EFILive is pleased to announce that the July 2018 beta software delivers platform support for Cummins CM2150 and Cummins CM2150E controllers.  A range of operating systems have been mapped for this first release.  In addition, Controller Read is now enabled for CM871 and CM876 applications.
01 May
Making automated and/or repetitive changes to tune files can be accomplished using a script file. The first beta release of scripting within V8 Scan and Tune releases a small subset of what will eventually be comprehensive scripting support.