20 Jul
FedEx Shipping Options

To offer customers a wider range of delivery options, Economy and Priorty shipping options are now available in the EFILive store during the checkout process.  Economy shipping can save between 15% and 20% of the shipping cost compared to Priority shipping, which is a good choice for non-urgent deliveries.  Delivery time frames for the Economy service are on average double the time frame of Priority, but vary greatly based on location.  EFILive recommends customers confirm delivery time-frames before selecting Economy shipping.

17 Jul
AutoCal VIN License Capacity
Historically AutoCal has been limited to 8 VIN Licenses. For many tuners who use AutoCal to provide tunes for their customers' personal vehicles, one VIN slot is plenty. For those remaining tuners where 8 VIN licenses is not enough, EFILive is pleased to announce an increase in AutoCal's license capacity from 8 to 221, to match the existing limit in FlashScan devices.
04 Jul
VIN Slot Limits for AutoCal

Designed to meet the changing needs of tuners, AutoCal VIN slot limits are now configurable.  To prevent customers adding licenses to their AutoCal without the tuner's approval, tuners can now manage the maximum number of VIN slots on their customers' AutoCal devices. Each AutoCal can be configured by the tuner to allow anywhere from 1 to the full capacity of 221 VIN slots.  This feature only configures AutoCal for the maximum number of VIN slots that can be purchased, this feature does not add VIN licenses.