04 Jul

VIN Slot Limits for AutoCal

Designed to meet the changing needs of tuners, AutoCal VIN slot limits are now configurable.  To prevent customers adding licenses to their AutoCal without the tuner's approval, tuners can now manage the maximum number of VIN slots on their customers' AutoCal devices. Each AutoCal can be configured by the tuner to allow anywhere from 1 to the full capacity of 221 VIN slots.  This feature only configures AutoCal for the maximum number of VIN slots that can be purchased, this feature does not add VIN licenses.

AutoCal units manufactured after this change will ship with a maximum VIN slot count set to 1.  If a tuner chooses to issue their customer with more than one VIN slot, then the tuner can either increase the maximum value to any value between 1 and 221 slots before shipping the AutoCal or the tuner can generate a Remote Activation Code that can be emailed to their customer to remotely update the maximum number of VIN slots.  VIN slot limits can only be changed if the AutoCal is linked to a FlashScan, and that FlashScan is used to change the VIN slot limit or to generate the Remote Activation Code.

For AutoCal devices shipped prior to this change, EFILive has implemented the following automatic updates that will be applied when the AutoCal firmware is updated (to version V2.07.116 or later):

  • If the number of VIN slots already added to the AutoCal device is less than or equal to 8 then automatically set the VIN slot limit to 8, in line with historical AutoCal licensing limits.
  • If the number of VIN slots already added to the AutoCal device is greater than 8 then automatically set the limit to whatever the current value is, which prevents additional VIN slots being added without the tuner's approval.

These enhancements are available in the July 2017 Beta release software (or later).  Tuners can access these new options via the EFILive Control Panel -> [F7: Licensing] menu option. Please refer to the AutoCal Info for Tuners for documentation on this new feature.