17 Jul

AutoCal VIN License Capacity

Historically AutoCal has been limited to 8 VIN Licenses. For many tuners who use AutoCal to provide tunes for their customers' personal vehicles, one VIN slot is plenty. For those remaining tuners where 8 VIN licenses is not enough, EFILive is pleased to announce an increase in AutoCal's license capacity from 8 to 221, to match the existing limit in FlashScan devices.
The license capacity change for AutoCal is aimed at 3 distinct groups of tuners:.
  • Fleet management.
  • Tuners who manage dealer networks where access to a tune tool doesn't meet their business need.
  • Tuners who wish to pool AutoCal rather than sell every customer hardware.
AutoCal internal memory capacity of 6MB remains unchanged. EFILive recommends that tuners who manage multiple customers, vehicles or tunes on a single AutoCal utilize the Quick Setup functionality contained in the BBX menu of V8 Scan and Tune for controlled and efficient device and tune configuration.
AutoCal will continue to ship with one VIN license to tune one supported ECM and one supported TCM. Additional AutoCal VIN Licenses can be purchased online by providing the AutoCal serial number and Auth-Code.