02 Nov
CSP4 & DSP4 2017-18 release
EFILive is pleased to announce the public release of CSP4 and Enhanced Data Acquisition (EDA) for 2017 and 2018 6.7L Cummins Pickups, and DSP4 for 2018 2.8L vehicles using the E98 GM Diesel controller.
03 Sep
Cummins HD Pricing Changes

Delivering expanded operating system support and tuning parameters in every software release since our Cummins HD launch, EFILive continues to drive innovation for Cummins HD applications.

14 Aug
Creating Calculated PIDs

When data logging, a controller outputs its data to be logged as a set of PIDs (Parameter IDentifiers). Each PID contains discrete data that describes (one or maybe a number of) operating conditions within the controller (e.g. throttle position or engine speed).. Learn how to create calculated PIDs.