Tune file security restrictions have been enhanced to include the controller's VIN.  Using the Controller VIN option, tune files will be restricted to only being flashed into controllers with a VIN that matches the supplied VIN pattern. The VIN security restriction may be easily bypassed by end users changing the VIN in their target controllers.  Therefore EFILive recommends only using the VIN pattern restriction as a reminder to prevent accidental flashing of restricted files into vehicles with non-matching VINs. 

A VIN pattern may use a dot to indicate "don't care" characters. All other characters must match the target VIN.  For example, the VIN pattern: "6G1......6......." will match ONLY VINs that start with the three letters "6G1" and that also have a '6" at position 10.

This feature is available in the March 2015 software release under the V8 [F3:Tune] -> [F4: Properties] tab and the [F5: BBX] -> [F6: Quick Setup].