Additional Downloads


These drivers are provided for customers who wish to manually upgrade/downgrade/manage their USB drivers.
The drivers are automatically installed when their respective software packages are installed and usually do not need to be downloaded and installed manually.

EFILive 2.08.28
Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8)

1.9MB Jan 18, 2013

EFILive 2.08.14
Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8)

1.7MB Jun 03, 2011

EFILive 2.02.04
Windows 2000
(may also be used for XP, Vista and 7 if required)

1MB Jun 27, 2007
RoadRunner 2.02.04 1.1MB Jun 27, 2007
AutoTap 1.1.2 3.6MB Feb 17, 2009

EFILive V4 OBDI ALDL Scan Tool

EFILive V4 Professional
(please email for an activation code)
6.5MB April 12, 2006 Pro License
EFILive V4 Evaluation 6.5MB April 12, 2006 Free Eval License

Older Versions Of EFILive Software, No Longer Officially Supported.

EFILive V6 4MB January 26, 2006
EFILive V5 6MB January 27, 2006