Designed specifically to make configuring and updating both AutoCal and FlashScan V2 devices easier, EFILive V8 Scan and Tune build V8.2.250 and above software now includes a one-stop Quick Setup option.

The [F6: Quick Setup] tab page provides a complete BBX configuration profile that can be used to configure a device in one easy step.  Quick Setups are most often used by tuners to create a single configuration file that they can email to their customers to allow their customers to quickly and easily configure an AutoCal device.  Quick Setups are not limited to AutoCal devices, they can also be used to configure FlashScan devices.

Following the instructions provided in the EFILive V8 Reference document located on our website and via the HELP>Documents menu within the V8 software, the Quick Setup copies device settings, options.txt, all supporting configuration files (*.obj, *.pmm, *.bix, and *.dtc), and up to 5 *.ctz and/or *.coz files.  Various other options exist including:

  • Formatting the CONFIG file system before copying BBX configurations to the device
  • Deleting all existing tunes before copying new tune file
  • Overwriting existing tune files when copying new tune files

A variety of security options can also be implemented via the Quick Setup option.  Modifying the security attributes does not alter the original files, it only alters the copy of the file that is stored in the quick setup file. 

Firmware is not automatically updated as part of the Quick Setup process.  To do so would make the Quick Setup files obsolete too often. The Quick Setup will check the firmware and if the files to be added to the device are not compatible with the existing firmware on the device, the user will be alerted and the Quick Setup will be stopped. The user will need to update the firmware manually.  i.e. using the "Check Firmware" option in the V8 software prior to re-running the Quick Setup.