Are you using the latest EFILive documentation?

Over the last few months we've made a number of major documentation changes. The V8 Reference, LML Quick Start, AutoCal for Tuners, & AutoCal for End Users documents have all received significant updates. We've also made changes to our FlashScan V2 Quick Start Guide, and moved information around to better meet product requirements and customer needs.

The EFILive documents that are installed within the EFILive software may become out of date between software releases as issues are reported and resolved. The installed documents are always available, even when an internet connection is not available. To access the installed documents use the Help->Documents menu option. Where possible, we encourage all users to browse the most up to date documents which are available on our Documentation/Tutorials web page.

The Knowledgebase has also received an overhaul. We've added new categories, updated many of the existing documents to ensure the processes reflect current software versions, as well as documented new processes.

To keep customers up to date, documentation changes are now listed in our software release notes.