With the constant evolution of computer technology and the ever changing automotive regulations and standards, it comes as no surprize that automakers are constantly updating their engines, transmissions, associated controllers along with controller security.
The last 12-18 months has seen GM release three new Gas ECM's and one new TCM, and a complete overhaul of controller security on existing GM controllers for the 2017 model year. EFILive has worked tirelessly to deliver our customers support for new controllers and redesign support for existing controllers as changes are released.
With T87 8 speed transmission support delivered, the E80 L4 SIDI controller was the first of the new breed of GM Gas ECM's to be mapped, followed by the E82 V6 controller. The EFILive October Beta release completes the trio of new ECM controller support delivering the only tuning solution available for the all new E84 GM Gas controller.
GM Diesel hasn't been left behind; the 2017 Duramax 6.6L is scheduled for a new ECM, and a 1.6L Diesel Cruze makes it's debut in the USA market for 2017. EFILive will assess these new controllers once they become available.
Of course, there is a range of controllers that have been carried over from previous years. 2017 6.7L Cummins CME support is now available, and for GM now that the controller authorization modules are implemented we are currently adding a range of operating systems to support 2017 models the following controllers - E39A, E78, E92 and E98.
With each release, the EFILive Supported Vehicles pages are updated. Dodge Cummins, GM Gas, and GM Transmission Supported vehicles pages have all been updated with this release.