Shipping Policy

EFILive is a New Zealand based company. All physical products will be shipped from our New Zealand facility and will be subject to the local customs, duties, tariffs, taxes and related charges upon importation to your country.

Except where otherwise indicated, all prices displayed in the EFILive Online Store and in the EFILive Web Site are quoted in US Dollars. All credit card charges will be made in US dollars.

Shipping Cost Caluclations

EFILive shipping costs are calculated based on product weight and delivery address. The information provided in your EFILive Shopping Cart is directly linked into the FedEx system to generate real time and precise shipping costs to your address.

FedEx regularly update their pricing model to account for fluctuations in currency, fuel levy, and delivery location. It is highly likely that the shipping costs on identical orders placed on different days will generate different shipping costs due to these fluctuations.

Import Duties, Taxes and Related Charges

Customs, duties, tariffs, taxes and related charges are typically based on a combination of factors that may include:

  • The state and federal laws of the country where the products will be imported.
  • The total value of the order, usually converted into local currency.
  • The product's country of manufacture (New Zealand).
  • The product's import classification.

The agencies responsible for setting these prices may change them at any time without notice. It is the purchaser's responsibility to verify and understand all duties, taxes and charges that may be levied by local government and/or customs agencies.

EFILive has no control over the duties, taxes and charges levied by local government and/or customs agencies. If you believe you have been incorrectly charged, please contact your local customs office or the local office of the shipping company that delivered your product.

EFILive will not understate the value of a shipment in order for a customer to avoid import duties, taxes or related charges.

Importation Cost Examples

The fees and charges outlined below are provided as a guideline only. The agencies responsible for setting these prices may change them at any time without notice.

United States

  • The US Federal Government does not collect taxes on purchases made over the internet.
  • State taxes and charges may vary, please check with your relevant authority.
  • Customs Import Duty is 2% of total order.
  • A Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF), is payable when your total order value exceeds USD 2,000.00. The MPF is 0.21% of total cost (minimum charge USD 25.00).
  • Where the total order value exceeds USD 2,000.00, customers will need to provide a tax ID.


  • GST of 10% is applied to all orders.
  • Customers who provide EFILive with their ABN Number are exempt from GST charges.
  • Where the value of an order exceeds AUD 1,000.00, and an ABN is not provided both EFILive and Australian Customs will charge GST.  EFILive will refund GST once the customer submits Australian Customs paperwork confirming payment.
  • Customs charges may apply.
  • Delivery to remote postcodes may attract an extra shipping charge of AUD 20.00. Contact the shipping company to determine if your address is in an extended delivery area.

New Zealand

  • GST of 15% is applied to all orders.

Import Tax ID

Most countries require businesses to provide an import tax number or import tax code prior to allowing shipments to be imported. If you know that this is a requirement for your location, please provide your importation code with your order.

Where a country importation code is not provided, your local customs office may delay the shipment until the import tax code is provided.