11 Jun
AutoCal V3 Release

EFILive is pleased to announce that AutoCal V3 is now available.

With 512MB storage for tune and log files, capacity of 600 VIN Licenses, and file transfer times up to 10 times faster than AutoCal V2, AutoCal V3 delivers significant hardware advancements to the tuning market.

11 Jun
V8 Scan and Tune - Early Access

EFILive is pleased to provide early access to the EFILive V8 Editor in the June 2020 public beta software release.

Selected controllers and operating systems are available for use in this initial release, with platforms to commence moving from V7 to V8 for support over the coming weeks and months.

23 Mar
AutoCal V3

As AutoCal V3 moves closer to public release, EFILive is pleased to make available AutoCal V3 specifications, licensing requirements and pricing information in the AutoCal V3 Hardware Implementation guide.

While a release date has not yet been set, it is expected that AutoCal V3 will be released in late April or early May.

Custom label specifications and a label template are both included for those customers who wish to start the design process ahead of AutoCal V3 public release.