28 Jan

Automatic Generation of Trace Files

To assist tuners who support remote users, EFILive has added the option to automatically save a trace file if/when black box reading or flashing fails.  The auto-save feature is enabled by default.  If/when BBR or BBF fails, the trace file is automatically generated and saved onto the FlashScan V2/AutoCal device provided enough space exists on the devices [Data] file system.  Users can retrieve the trace file using EFILive Explorer.

To view/edit your trace file selection option, users can manage these settings either via the following methods:

V8 Scan and Tune:  [F6: Devices] ->[F7: BBX] -> Automatically save trace file if read or flash fails.

FlashScan V2: Navigate to  F4 Options -> F1 Setup -> F1 Edit Settings -> Trace option.
AutoCal (provided AutoCal is powered on using the Advanced Menu option).  Navigate to AutoCal Options -> Edit Settings -> Set Trace.