20 Feb

ECM Unlocking Software Now Available

To reduce lead times for tuners sending ECM's off site to be unlocked, EFILive has added an option to unlock selected controllers by trying every possible key in a defined range for selected controller types.

The controller is erased and unlocked once the key is found and is left in dead-poll mode, the key is not revealed. The final step in the process requires a cal-flash of a compatible operating system to restore ECM functionality (or a full flash if you intend on changing operating systems).

Keys are tried in a random order in the range specified. If a user needs to pause or end the process, select the [Quit] button, which also saves the previously attempted keys. To resume the process, ensure the [Restart] option is checked prior to selecting [Cal Flash] so only unattempted keys within the range are tried.

This option is only available for the following controllers: E38, E40, E67, LS1B, E54 (LB7) and E60 (LLY) and is accessible in the February 2018 Beta software (or later) by navigating to the [F3: Tune] -> [F6: Cal Flash] menu in V8 Scan and Tool Software.

Users can also use the Edit-> Properties -> Tuning Tool -> Read/Flash options to create default Seed/Key Security settings, and password masking.