10 Mar

Duramax E98 DSP4 Switching App

EFILive's DSP4 phone application for E98 is designed to allow those users who have installed EFILive's DSP4 custom operating system in their vehicle to change tunes on the fly using their phone / tablet connected to an OBD-II Bluetooth adaptor.

This app also incorporates an idle speed override function which is not available using other switching methods. Idle speed override allows temporarily control over engine idle speed; most likely to be used when using an electric winch.

The EFILive DSP4 Switch app is free to download and this initial release is compatible with phones/tablets running Android V4.1 that are Bluetooth enabled, and requires an OBD-II to Bluetooth adaptor.   iOS devices may be supported in a future release.

Operating instructions, a list of Android devices and compatible OBD-II Bluetooth adaptors can be located in the Duramax E98 DSP4 App User Guide.pdf.