07 Aug

August 2022 Public Release

Download V8 (including FlashScan and AutoCal Firmware)
Download V7.5

Version Numbers

    Version Numbers

    • V8 Software: V8.3.28
    • V7.5 Software: V7.5.48
    • FlashScan/AutoCal V3:  Firmware: V3.00.096 (Aug 3, 2022)
      Boot Block: V3.00.006 (Feb 27, 2022)
    • FlashScan/AutoCal V2:  Firmware: V2.08.190 (May 4, 2022)
      Boot Block: V2.08.009 (Feb 27, 2021)

    EFILive V8


    • Removed the [Save Dash] button from the Scan Tool window. The "Save Dashboard" and "Save DashBoard As.." options are now located in the [Save] button's drop-down menu.
    • When opening older data log files, the scan tool now correctly converts WO2.xxx PID names back to the GPM.xxx PID names if/when CAN based WO2 data logging was used.

    V8.3.27 (build 657)

    • Added support for alternate PID DPFSOOT16, for controllers (such as E35B) that use a non-standard (16-bit) definition for that PID.
    • Added support for alternate PID FRP16, for controllers (such as E77) that use a non-standard (16-bit) definition for that PID.
    • Fixed V7 cax -> V8 cax8 and V7 script -> V8 script conversions to:
    1. correctly add quotes around fields that contain space or comma characters.
    2. preserve the case of calibration names and axis names (i.e., to not automatically convert all names to uppercase).
    3. allow a blank unique ID (prefix).
    4. correctly handle calibration names with or without a unique ID (prefix).

    V8.3.27 (build 656)

    • Added option that allows you to save a tune file after a read completes successfully but the EFILive software cannot accurately identify the controller type or file layout.
    • Fixed time range display when selecting data log frames in the charts. If the selection starts on a frame that has a timestamp before midnight and ends on a frame that has a timestamp after midnight the time range is now computed and displayed correctly.
    • Increased data log maximum frame count from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000. While it is possible to create log files with millions of frames of data (i.e., multiple hours of data), it is not recommended due to the processing load required to manage large data logs.


    • Fixed script execution so that user defined calibration names can be specified in scripts without providing the cax8 unique ID prefix for each name - so long as the user defined calibration name exists in only one name space (i.e., the user defined calibration name is not defined with multiple unique IDs).


    • Added option to allow non-supported operating system numbers to be recognized by the V8 software for scanning.
    • Standardized keyboard Tab sequences in Edit->Properties window.
    • Fixed E47 part number display in the [F4: OBD] window. The part numbers were off by one segment.
    • Added ability to un-dock some of the tab pages in the scan tool so that multiple tab pages can be viewed at the same time. Very useful when you have multiple monitors with plenty of screen real-estate.
    • Updated Lua scripting engine from 5.3.5 to 5.4.2.
    • Fixed checksum failure on A40 operating system 7IE.
    • Fixed [Clear DTCs] option to clear both emissions related trouble codes and manufacturer enhanced trouble codes.
    • Fixed interpolated gradient tool so that it will work when the axis labels are non-numeric. In such a case the axis labels are considered to be numerically incrementing from 0, irrespective of the actual text on the labels.


    • Fixed VIN change option on the CM2450B (CMF) controller - which was failing with error $0101 "No data received." if the "Clear DTCs before changing VIN" checkbox was checked (even when it was disabled)".
    • When unlocking controllers via the [F3: Tune]->[F2: Read]->[Lock/Unlock] option with the "Try Common Alternate Keys" method selected, the ECM would not allow itself to be unlocked even when the correct alternate unlock key was computed and used.
    • Fixed justification of Y-axis on the right end of each chart. They were right justified, should have been left justified.


    • Added two new serial-based, wide-band, BEN factor PIDs: BENLAM_1 and BENLAM_2, based on commanded v's actual lambda.
    • Added visual/color alarms for dashboard gauges.
    • Added right-click option to manually reset min/max, tell-tale values on dashboard gauges (or hotkey Ctrl+R).
    • Fixed selection bug when moving gauges up/down in the gauge list of the dashboard editor.
    • Fixed "Item not found" error when deleting a gauge while it was expanded, with its details visible.
    • Fixed bug that allowed non-calculated PIDs to be added to an existing data log. Only calculated PIDs may be added to an existing data log.
    • Fixed "integer overflow" error when loading user defined PIDs that have one or more DMA operating systems defined but zero DMA PIDs defined.

    FlashScan/AutoCal V3 Firmware


    • Fixed fault where some CMF (CM2450B) controllers would incorrectly report "Ignition Switched Off" when the controller was left in boot mode after a failed flash.


    • Fixed intermittent error $01C1 when copying large files to FlashScan/AutoCal using EFILive Explorer.


    • Upgraded PID validation when data logging E55/E69/E77 controllers. PIDs that Bosch have defined with the wrong length now display as N/A instead of corrupting the rest of the data log.
    • Added support for Motec PLM wide band serial interface.
    • Fixed fault when full-flashing that causes error $0540 "incompatible operating system" even when the OS numbers of the file being flashed and the ECM are identical.


    • Increased brightness of some display items to make them easier to see in bright, daylight conditions.
    • Updated Lua scripting engine from 5.3.5 to 5.4.2.
    • Added Lua scripting support for adding custom features/options to FlashScan/AutoCal V3 user defined menus.
    • See the files
      1. \Documents\EFILive\V8\User Defined Menus\SampleCustomMenu.txt
      2. \Documents\EFILive\V8\User Defined Menus\Lua\CustomFunctions.Lua
      3. \Documents\EFILive\V8\User Defined Menus\Lua\HelperFunctions.Lua for more info and examples.


    • When black box logging an external CAN based wide-band data, the PIDs were being incorrectly renamed from "GPM.pidname" to "WO2.pidname". That meant those PIDs would not be displayed correctly when the BBX log file was displayed in the V8 scan tool.


    • When flashing a tune file via an AutoCal device, verify that the AutoCal is linked to a FlashScan device before checking if the tune file is linked to the AutoCal. That way an un-linked AutoCal will report that it is unlinked instead of the more confusing error of "the tune file is not linked to the AutoCal".

    FlashScan/AutoCal V2 Firmware


    • When flashing a tune file via an AutoCal device, verify that the AutoCal is linked to a FlashScan device before checking if the tune file is linked to the AutoCal. That way an un-linked AutoCal will report that it is unlinked instead of the more confusing error of "the tune file is not linked to the AutoCal".

    Calibration Updates


    • CM2350A.


    • E98.


    • None


    • E98, fixed B0904 "SOI Normal, Pattern 1, Low Altitude Base" missing from OS 12729381
    • CM850 (read/flash/checksum support only)
    • CM2350A, CM2450A
    • E80, E82, E84, E92
    • A40 (additional checksum support)


    • A41
    • E98


    • CM2220
    • CM2350A

    Documentation Updates


    • EFILive Error Codes.pdf


    • EFILive V8 Reference.pdf


    • Connections and Wiring Reference.pdf.

    Known Issues

    • Issue #1:When logging DMA PIDs (i.e., PIDs whose names end with "_M" or "_DMA"), if the ignition is switched off for an extended period while data logging but data logging is not terminated, then when the ignition is switched on again the data log automatically continues. However, the DMA PIDs may no longer return valid data.
      Workaround:EFILive recommends stopping the data log and restarting the data log when switching off the ignition for extended periods.