30 Apr

April 2021 Public Release

V8 Software: V8.3.5

FlashScan/AutoCal V3: Firmware: V3.00.063 (Apr 29, 2021)

FlashScan/AutoCal V3: Boot Block: V3.00.005 (Oct 20, 2020)

FlashScan/AutoCal V2: Firmware: V2.07.173 (Apr 29, 2021)

FlashScan/AutoCal V2: Boot Block: V2.07.009 (Feb 27, 2021)

V7.5 Software: V7.5.34

NOTE:    FlashScan/AutoCal V2 boot block was updated in Beta 3. You must update the boot block to V2.08.009, then update the firmware to V2.08.172 or later.

EFILive V8

Due to the new security/encryption option in this release, all tune files saved using this release will no longer be compatible with older versions of the V7 or V8 software. If you distribute tune files to other users (i.e. your customers), the recipients must be:

  • using this version or a later version of the V7 and/or V8 software.
  • using this version or a later version of the V2 and/or V3 firmware.

AutoCal users should only update software and firmware at their tuners specific request. Updating to software and firmware versions higher than your tuner may lead to your tuner being unable to offer you support until they update.



  • Added pass-thru data logging for additional Cummins HD controllers: CM871, CM876, CM2150 and CM2150E.
  • Added EFILive_Cax8.exe command line application to allow encryption of *.cax8 files for secure distribution using FlashScan serial numbers.
  • Added $Include directive to *.cax8 files that allows *.cax8 files to include the contents of other files. 
  • Added new script function: _efiSplitPathName() to split a fully qualified path name into three parts: path, file and extension. Usage: path,name,ext = _efiSplitPathName(filename) 
  • Added new script function: _efiSegGetName() to convert a segment number to a segment name. Usage: segName = _efiSegGetName(fd,segNumber) 
  • Added new script function: _efiSegGetNumber() to convert a segment name to a segment number. Usage: segNumber = _efiSegGetNumber(fd,segName)
  • DVT (Dynamic Vehicle Testing) is now available in the [F2: Scan]->[F7: DVT] tab page.
  • Changes to V8 flash process to allow flashing on some 2020/2021 GM model years that have an SGM fitted
  • Added shortcuts Ctrl+L and Ctrl+Alt+L for loading security settings and remote settings respectively from another file.
  • Scan Tool filter tool bar button is now available on [Data], [Gauges] and [Maps] tab pages, instead of just on the [Charts] tab page.
  • Changed the tune tool window title bar to display just the filename instead of the full pathname. Added blank *.cam files (99999999.cam) for most currently supported controller types. That means you can now generate *.cax8 files for operating systems that have not yet been mapped by EFILive.
  • Added segment import/export support for E86A and E86B controllers.
  • Added a 2nd parameter to the script function _efiOpenFile() to allow just the file's meta data to be loaded - useful for analyzing the meta data of encrypted files, which otherwise could not be opened.
  • Added a 4th parameter to the script function _efiSaveFile() to activate encryption when saving a file from a script. Saving an encrypted file requires a FlashScan V3 device to be connected.
  • Added option to securely encrypt *.ctz and *.coz tune files to allow for secure distribution. Saving an encrypted file requires a FlashScan V3 device to be connected. Once encrypted the files cannot be easily decrypted (i.e. they cannot be viewed or edited), they can only be black box flashed using a FlashScan or AutoCal device. · V2 devices must use firmware V2.7.169 or later to flash encrypted files Note: Black Box Flashing an encrypted file on V2 FlashScan devices can take 5-10 times longer than a non-encrypted file. Black Box Flashing an encrypted file on V2 AutoCal devices takes about 1/3rd longer. · V3 devices must use firmware V3.00.059 or later to flash encrypted files. Note: Black Box Flashing an encrypted file on V3 devices takes about the same time as a non-encrypted file.


  • When the default paste setting is not set to "overwrite" a warning message is shown to the user that explains the default paste setting is not set to the default "overwrite" option, but instead is set to one of: add, subtract, multiply or error correction.
  • Added reading of currently supported GM controllers for vehicles with a Serial Data Gateway Module. · Added built-in support for ECMs secured using 5-byte seed/key locks (Auth-code purchase no longer required).
  • Added [F4: OBD] VIN change option for all generic CAN controllers to allow VIN change to be performed on any CAN module with CAN ID in the range $7E0..$7E7.
  • Added seed/key unlock option to [F4: OBD] VIN change.

Bug Fixes:


  • Stopped error $0291 "Light/Medium duty protocol (J1979) not supported." from occuring when the device legitimately supports J1979.
  • Script function _efiClose() was saving the file instead of closing the file.
  • Axis label calibrations were incorrectly showing up as visible in the tree view navigator - and with "No description yet" descriptions in the comparison window.
  • Fixed E92 calibrations C0801, C0807, C0808 & B5225 which were displaying incorrect data.
  • Fixed E78 calibration C0801 displaying incorrect data.
  • Corrected spelling errors in calibration descriptions.
  • Fixed LS1 style DVT controls not working sometimes.
  • Fixed segment mapping for *.cax conversions for A40 and A50 controllers.
  • Fixed random spikes that sometimes appeared in serial wide band lambda data.
  • Fixed E98 full-flash failure recovery.
  • Fixed Lua scripts updating the wrong DTC codes when multiple DTC values begin with the same text.
  • Fixed torque tables not displaying correctly for E92 OS: 12694524, 12696753, 12698119, 12699552 and 12711157.
  • Fixed E86A and E86B calibration ranges that were set incorrectly, preventing *.cax8 calibration definitions being loaded/compared correctly.
  • E54, E60, E35A and E35B (LB7, LLY, LBZ and LMM) DVT controls for switching off individual injectors were not working - missing "Master Fuel Injector Control".
  • E86A cax8 definitions were being incorrectly flagged as being outside of the calibration data area.
  • Using the [Open] button in the [F3: Tune] window to re-open a tune file will cause most of the hidden axis calibrations to not reload correctly which can then cause additional problems with other options, including access violations.
  • E92 Locking patch was not being applied correctly.
  • When running scripts from the command line, saving a modified tune file was not updating the checksums.
  • When running scripts from the command line, some calibrations could not be found.
  • Generating scripts by comparing two tune files was not producing the correct script information.
  • Fixed access violation when renaming folders in the top-left pane of EFILive Explorer.
  • Fixed problem that deleted the AutoCal Remote License number when the file's Device License number is set or updated in the BBX quick setup option.
  • Fixed scan-tune linking problem that caused second and subsequent tune maps to display incorrect linking when multiple tune maps were linked to the same scan log.
  • Fixed flashing option for E37, E38 and E67 controllers so that flashing over pre-existing, third-party, hand-held tunes works correctly.
  • Fixed E92 axis calibrations A9032 and A9003 which displayed the wrong axis labels for various other calibrations that used them for their axis definitions.
  • Calculated PID names and group names are now validated as identifiers. That means they can now contain letters, digits and underscores and must begin with a letter or underscore.
  • Fixed PID name from CALC.REFPN to CALC.RAFPN. When a log file that contains the incorrect name CALC.REFPN is opened, the incorrect name is automatically converted to the correct name CALC.RAFPN.
  • When "pasting with labels", if the text on the clipboard contains pairs of { and } characters (e.g. as part of a row or column title), then all data outside the { and } was being incorrectly discarded, causing the label information to be lost and the paste with labels operation to fail.
  • When both FlashScan and AutoCal are connected, clicking the [Check Firmware] button, then the [Refresh] button, then the [OK] button caused an Access Violation.
  • [F6: DVT] tab page loses its description if View->Hide Tab Descriptions is set then unset.
  • Generating remote link, unlink and max VIN codes using the EFILive Control Panel was truncating the code making the code impossible to use.
  • The tags: <cn>, <reg> and <name> were not being resolved correctly when generating pass-thru log file names using those tags as part of the filename's template.
  • Merged DTC codes and MIL enablers into a single table for LS1A and LS1B controllers.
  • Ctrl+C shortcut was not working when copying text from calibration descriptions.
  • Fixed EFILive Control Panel, Update Boot Block which was failing with "Error $0023 File not found.".
  • Fixed filename templates generating incorrect filenames when changing folders in the save file dialogs.
  • Fixed "Filename template contains invalid character(s)." when no invalid characters are present.
  • Fixed E35A and E35B, DSP2 and DSP5 custom OS upgrade which was previously only applying a partial upgrade.
  • Filename templates that are used to auto-generate scan and tune file names get confused and keep adding additional digits to the file name when changing folders in the "Save file" dialog, when numeric tags (such as <jd>) are placed next to the sequence number and when delimeters are not in use.
  • After saving a file "for AutoCal", then re-saving the file (not "for AutoCal"), the AutoCal remote license number remained set in the saved file, effectively performing a save "for AutoCal" again.
  • Calculated PIDs that computed a divide-by-zero, displayed as flat-line zero for all frames - instead of just for the frames that faulted with a divide-by-zero.
  • Importing a segment file into the wrong segment of a tune file was not being prevented, causing corruption in the tune file.
  • Scan tool [Data], [Gauges] and [Maps] tab pages were not updating to show filtered data only when a filter was applied. Also made filter tool bar button visible on all of those tab pages.
  • Segment export folder names were being incorrectly generated with embedded spaces. The spaces are now correctly converted to underscores.
  • Fixed wide band lambda and voltage scaling from AEM UEGO 30-0334 wide band controllers if/when the ECM requests non-standard scaling for wide band PIDs.
  • Fixed right-click option for editing tune tool maps' row and/or column labels - was producing an "Access Violation".
  • Fixed filename template format when using "no delimiter" between sequence number and <jd> (or any other numeric tag).


  • None.

Calibration Updates:

  • Dodge Cummins
    • New/updated operating systems and calibrations for CMF .
    • Added V8 editor support for CME tune files
    • Added V8 editor support for CMF tune files
  • Cummins Heavy Duty · New/Updated operating systems for CM2150, CM2250 and CM2350A in V8 Editor.
  • GM Gas
    • Added E92 to V8 editor.
    • Added new OS to E39, E82 and E84 in V7.5 Tune Tool.
  • GM Diesel · Added new operating systems for E98 to V7.5 Tune Tool.
  • Transmission · added new operating systems for T43.

Known Issues:

When logging DMA PIDs (i.e. PIDs whose names end with "_M" or "_DMA"), if the ignition is switched off for an extended period while data logging but data logging is not terminated, then when the ignition is switched on again the data log automatically continues. However, the DMA PIDs may no longer return valid data.

Workaround: EFILive recommends stopping the data log and restarting the data log when switching off the ignition for extended periods.

EFILive V7


  • Remove the "Tuned by EFILive" watermark from LBZ/LMM tune files when saved with V7.5 software. Note: this has the side-effect of updating the Engine Segment's checksum when the file is saved.
  • Removed RoadRunner Licensing Requirements.
  • Fixed copy/paste of text based values in tables.
  • Removed software registration requirements. That allows customers with only a FlashScan V3 devices to use the full features of the V7 software without requiring a FlashScan V2 device to be connected. It also means the V7 software is now fully functional for anyone who downloads and installs it.


Version number synchronization for V2 firmware update.

FlashScan/AutoCal V3



  • Synch


  • Added black-box data logging for additional Cummins HD controllers: CM871, CM876, CM2150 and CM2150E.


  • Synch


  • When logging Innovate wide band data via the serial connection, spikes were sometimes visible in the data.
  • Fixed device hanging when serial data is transmitted to the device but the device is not configured with the "COM Port Type" set to "Wide-O2". (I.e. if it is set to "None" or "External").

V3.00.060 (Beta 3)

  • Internal updates.


  • Added option to black box flash V2 or V3 encrypted *.ctz files.


Added built-in support for ECMs secured using 5-byte seed/key locks (Auth-code purchase no longer required).

Bug Fixes:



Known Issues:


FlashScan/AutoCal V2


V2.08.173 (Public)

  • Updated tune licensing validation.

V2.08.172 (RC 4)

  • Synch.

V2.08.171 (RC 1)

  • Synch.

V2.08.170 (Beta 3)

  • Optimized encrypted BBX flashing on FlashScan V2 devices.


  • Added option to black box flash V2 encrypted *.ctz files.


  • Added built-in support for ECMs secured using 5-byte seed/key locks (Auth-code purchase no longer required).

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed device crash when updating the date/time. The blue LED remains permanently illuminated and the device hangs requiring a re-boot.

Known Issues:


Documentation Updates

  • Cummins 6p7L CM2200 CSP5 User Guide.pdf
  • Cummins 6p7L CM2350B CSP5 User Guide.pdf
  • Cummins 6p7L CM2450B CSP5 User Guide.pdf
  • Duramax LB7 LLY DSP User Guide.pdf
  • Duramax LBZ LMM DSP User Guide.pdf
  • EFILive V8 Reference.pdf.
  • EFILive Error Codes.pdf.
  • EFILive Command Line Reference.pdf