03 Apr

Cummins Fast CAN Flashing Modes

Cummins flashing modes have again been enhanced to improve flashing times and flash success rates for 2010-2017 Cummins controllers. Three modes now exist for users; Unlimited Fast CAN, which delivers the fastest possible flash time and is approx 50% faster than standard flash routines, Fast CAN mode; which is a little faster than standard, but more robust than Unlimited, and Standard CAN mode. 

Cummins CAN Modes can be enabled on pass-thru flashing by selecting the tick boxes in the [F3: Tune] -> [F7: Full Flash] menu.  

Cummins CAN Modes can be enabled for standalone flashing in the [F3: Tune] - [F4: Properties] -> [Remote Control] tab, or the [Remote Control] tab located in Quick Setup Properties.