09 Feb

BCM Flashing

EFILive's collaboration with Oz Tuner and BT DieselWorks delivers Body Control Module (BCM) flashing for 2007-2014 GM Gas/Diesel Trucks, SUV’s and selected Cars. BCM reading and mapping are not available in the EFILive software, and are not planned given our development focus for 2017 in supporting a range of new vehicles and platforms.

Brayden Fleece and Ben Tyler developed a range of BCM programming options and approached EFILive for exclusive flashing integration to negate the need for independent hardware. EFILive was excited to take on this challenge integrating their internal product development into an EFILive tune file format.

This joint project now sees BCM programming a reality and readily available given tune files can be delivered remotely utilizing the EFILive BBX Quick Setup options. Using an EFILive TCM VIN License slot , BCM flashing is complete in less than 20 seconds. Flashing for additional GM BCM types will likely be added in the coming months.

Oz Tuner's initial release delivers tuning solutions for the following functions with additional development currently under way. Please contact Oz Tuner directly for further information.

  • Remote Vehicle Start timer Extend (10-30 min) (Unlimited Restarts) (requires ECM Reflash).
  • LED turn signal compatibility (Eliminate fast flash when LED’s are installed).
  • Add manual high-idle based on Cruise Control & Parking Brake (requires ECM reflash).
  • Add Manual DRL Control for Canadian/Export Trucks (DRL Override).
  • Add Manual Headlamp Control for Canadian/Export Trucks (Manually Override Headlights).
  • Fog Lamps on with High Beams. Door Chime Timer (Limits chime to 30 seconds per event).

EFILive would like to thank Brayden and Ben for their hard work and commitment to drive this project. Without their drive to create and deliver BCM mapping, BCM flashing would not have been considered.