26 Jan

AutoCal Remote Linking and Unlinking

Historically when an un-linked AutoCal device performed its first controller flash, it would automatically link itself to the Master FlashScan device that created the file being flashed, thereby linking itself to that master FlashScan. That automatic linking is no longer supported and will not occur under any circumstances.
EFILive has replaced this process with a new [Generate Remote-Link Code] option managed in the same location as the Physical Link AutoCal process in the EFILive Control Panel -> [F7: Licensing] menu. The new process requires the FlashScan V2 that will create the link to be connected to generate the linking code, and the tuner emailing the activation code and instructions to the remote AutoCal user to activate. Until the AutoCal has been activated it is unable to flash tune files.
With this change in process a new [Generate Remote-Unlink Code] option has also been added.
The physical link and physical unlink options for AutoCal remain available and unchanged. The changes described above are designed to tighten tune file security and give tuners better flexibility in managing their businesses.
Remote linking and unlinking provides tuners with a convenient way to link and unlink AutoCal devices from their master FlashScan device without requiring the AutoCal device to be present. Unlike activation codes that are issued by EFILive, the remote link and unlink codes are reusable and may be used by the AutoCal customer indefinitely. As a tuner, if you choose to issue both the remote link and a remote unlink codes for a single AutoCal device and another tuner also issues both the remote link and unlink codes for that same AutoCal device, then the owner (and all subsequent owners) of that AutoCal device will be able to re-configure their AutoCal device so that it will be capable of flashing tune files from both tuners.
So before issuing any remote link or unlink codes, you should carefully weigh up the convenience factor versus the security implications and only issue remote link and unlink codes if you fully understand and accept the risk to your AutoCal business.