14 Aug

AutoCal Automated Programming & Gang-Programming

Designed to save tuners valuable time, the EFILive Command Line Interface application streamlines many repetitive processes for high volume AutoCal tuners through the automation of many common tasks and gang-programming.  The application features:


The EFILive Command Line Interface application (CLI) provides tuners with a way to automate the following tasks using the Windows command line or Windows batch files:

  • Program FlashScan/AutoCal device settings;
  • Program black box scan and tune options;
  • Format the FlashScan/AutoCal file systems;
  • Copy tune files to FlashScan/AutoCal;


As well as automation, the CLI also supports gang-programming. Gang-programming allows up to five devices to be programmed and updated simultaneously.

The EFILive_CmdLine.exe file is now included within the EFILive V8 software download.  The EFILive Command Line Reference.pdf is also included in the EFILive V8 software download or can be accessed via our website.