GM Gas Scan and Tune

Supported Controllers

SIDI Supported ECMs

E39/E39A V6, L4 2010-2019
E80 L4 2015-2020
E81 V6 2016-2018
E82 V6 2016-2020
E92 V6, V8 2014-2020

PFI Supported ECMs

E38 V6 2006-2017
E40 V6 2005-2006
E67 L4 2006-2017
E78 V6, V8 2011-2020
E83A/E83B V6, L4 2010-2018
E84 V6, L4 2016-2020
E37 V6, 4CYL 2008-2014

PFI Supported PCMs

LS1A Gen III 1997-1998
LS1B Gen III 1999-2010

Supported Transmission Controllers

T87 6/8 speed 2015-2016
T76 6 speed 2009-2019
T43 6 speed 2007-2019
T42 4 speed 2005-2014

Read/Flash Only ECMs (mapping not available)

E55 HFV6 Bosch 2004-2009
E69 SIDI 2008-2011
E77 HFV6 Bosch 2007-2011

GM End Of Life Controllers

L31 Vortec PCM
P12 Atlas PCM
P10 Inline 6 PCM
Scan Tool Features
  • Data Logging
  • Read & Clear DTCs
  • GM Specific PIDs
  • Create Calculated PIDs
  • Integrate Wide Band O2, External Sensors
  • Virtual Dashboards
  • Charts, Tables, 3D Maps
  • Share Logs, Config Files & Templates
Tune Tool Features
  • ECM/TCM or PCM Read/Flash
  • Tuning Parameters
  • Define your own parameters
  • 3D & 2D tables for editing
  • Virtual VE Table
  • Tools for easy editing (smooth, blend, %)
  • Controller Authorization
  • Scripts to automate changes
  • Tune Security & Locking

Parameter Control

(Adjustable Options vary for each vehicle and are not available on all vehicles)

Adjust Limiters
  • RPM Limiters
  • Torque Limits
  • Speed Limiter
  • Airflow Limiter
Boost Control
  • Boost Limiters
  • Boost Pressure
  • Wastegate PID
  • Turbo Speed
Idle Control
  • Idle Speeds
  • Cranking Airflow
  • Idle Compensation
  • Idle PID Correction
Camshaft Control
  • Cam Position Control
  • Intake Runner Control
Spark Control
  • Ignition Timing
  • Ambient Temp Compensation
  • Flex Fuel Modifier
  • Knock Control
  • Dwell Control
Fuel Control
  • Virtual VE 1, 2, or 3 bar
  • PE as AFR, Lambda or EQ Ratio
  • Open / Closed Loop
  • Injector Values
  • Flex Fuel
  • Protections
  • Fuel Cuts
Misc Parameters
  • Desired Engine Temp
  • Fan control
  • A/C control
  • Airflow Meter
  • Fuel Tank Sizing
  • Engine Diagnostics
TCM Parameters
  • Torque Limits
  • Shift Speeds
  • Shift Times
  • Shift Pressures
  • TCC Control
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Transmission Diagnostics

Custom Operating Systems

(Adjustable Options vary for each vehicle and are not available on all vehicles)

Custom OSCustom DescriptionLS1BE38E67
Speed Density Used for tuning engines with large camshafts for forced induction. The MAF is removed (or disabled) and the PCM is tuned using the MAP sensor.
Valet Mode Provides a secondary RPM and speed limit that you can program into your PCM. When you flip a hidden switch connected directly to the PCM, the vehicle is restricted to the preset valet RPM and speed limits. (Not compatible with N2O Control)
Two Step Launch Control An adaptation of the Valet Mode COS, you can use the PCM to accurately control launching. (Not compatible with N2O Control)
2 & 3 Bar Forced Induction Extends the fuel and spark tables to allow the PCM total control over spark and fuel all the way to full boost. EFILive retains the standard fuel and spark tables for non-boost conditions retaining factory drivability and adds new tables for boost control. Custom OS not required; feature is supported by EFILive in the standard GM Operating System.
N2O Control Monitors the N2O system and signals the PCM when it becomes active. Extra spark and fuel calibrations are available to modify the PCM’s spark timing and fuel delivery immediately the N2O system is activated. (Not compatible with Valet Mode or Two Step Launch Control)
Extend Cooling Fan Range Extend operational range below factory limits
VATS Disable Disable Anti-theft

Gas Partner Products

Supported Wide Bands

Innovate Motorsports LC-1, LM-1, LM-2 Serial
PLX Devices SM-AFR Serial
AEM Performance AEM UEGO Serial / GPM
Just Another Wideband Jaw Serial
Tech Edge TechEdge 1.5, TechEdge 2.0 Serial
FJO Racing Gen-1, Gen-2, Gen-3 Serial
ECM AFM1500 Serial
Zeitronix ZT2, ZT3 Serial
Ecotrons ALM Serial
Ballenger AFR500V2 GPM

Dyno Integration

Dynojet Research Send EFILive data to the Dyno PC.
Mainline DynoLog Integrate Mainline dyno data into the EFILive Scan Tool.Send EFILive data to the Dyno PC.

Other Partner Products

CompanyFeatures Replacement LS1 PCM that allows real time tuning. (Requires EFILive RoadRunner Tuning License)**RoadRunner is only available with the EFILive V7 software and will not be supported in the EFILive V8 Scan and Tune software.


Looking at purchasing FlashScan but unsure if the EFILive software is suited to you? Download the EFILive software and User Guide and take a look around. The EFILive software remains in Demo mode when FlashScan is not connected or product registration information is not entered, so download today.

NOTE: FlashScan is required for interaction with the vehicle, and for saving edited tune files.