FlashScan HD

Put the right tools in your toolbox! FlashScan HD from EFILive allows you to scan, data log and reprogram your vehicle for maximum performance and outstanding drivability for selected Cummins Heavy Duty engine controllers.

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FlashScan HD supports selected Cummins HD engine controllers. Use the Supported Vehicles database to check for vehicle support.

FlashScan HD ships with two VIN licenses to tune two supported engine controllers. Additional VIN Licenses (up to a limit of 221 per FlashScan HD device) may be purchased.

Do you already have FlashScan V2 for Dodge Cummins, GM Diesel or GM Gas controllers? FlashScan HD can be manufactured as a Proxy FlashScan to contain identical license and protected numbers that are shared with your "Master FlashScan". This will allow FlashScan V2 and FlashScan HD to link/unlink AutoCal and AutoCal HD devices and lock/unlock tune files across the entire suite of products. Proxy FlashScan devices are custom made prior to shipping. Your existing FlashScan license number must be included in the comments section when ordering.

  • Prevent unauthorized reading, editing and flashing of custom tune files.
  • Tune files are encrypted with EFILive proprietary routines.
  • Use Locking options to prevent tune files from being read from the ECM/TCM.
  • Multi-vehicle licensing.
  • FlashScan HD ships with 2 VIN licenses to tune two supported controllers.
  • Additional VIN licenses (up to 221) can be purchased.
Quick Setup
  • Configure and program all device settings, scan and tune settings, tune files and security in a single process.
  • Save Quick Setup configurations for easy reuse.
  • Email BBX configurations to support remote customers.
  • Read/Flash FlashScan V2⇄Connected Vehicle between 30 seconds and 7 mins (vehicle dependent).
  • Store tune & log files to internal memory, or SD card.
  • Read & clear DTC codes.
  • High speed data logging.
  • Display data while logging.
  • Read & program calibration and/or operating system data of engine controller.
  • PC⇄FlashScan V2⇄Connected Vehicle read/flash between 30 sec and 7 minutes (vehicle dependent).
  • Store tune & log files onto PC.
  • Read and clear DTC codes.
  • High speed data logging.
  • Gauges & charts display in real time.
  • Read & program calibration and/or operating system data of engine controller.
  • Integrate your own tuning parameters.
  • Search files using key vehicle data (VIN, OS, segment).
  • Customize software settings – Scan & Tune file save templates, displays, units, dashboards.
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) and gang-programming automates processes and programs up to five devices simultaneously.
  • EFILive FlashScan interface
  • OBDII cable (RJ45 to SAE-J1962)
  • Adapter (SAE-J1962 to SAE-J1939)
  • PC cable (USB)
  • Built-in LCD screen
  • Built-in audible alarms
  • Upgradeable bootblock and firmware
  • External analog, digital, serial & thermocouple inputs
  • 8MB internal memory, 6MB (approx.) available for tune/log files
  • SD memory card slot. Supports SDSC V1.0, SDSC V1.01, SDHC V2.0 up to 32GB. SD Cards with a capacity of less than 64MB not supported
  • Vehicle Input Voltage - Min 9V, Max 24V
  • PC or laptop capable of running Win7 or higher
  • Optical drive
  • USB port
  • Color screen with 1024x768 or greater resolution
  • 200MB of available disk space
Communications Protocol
  • SAE-J1939 CAN protocol
Integrates with (not included)
  • K-type thermocouple
  • AutoCal HD
  • SD Card
  • Green Adapter (SAE-J1962 to SAE-J1939) to suit most Cummins HD On-Road 2017+ vehicle applications