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The EFILive Tuning Tool is available for all customers who have purchased FlashScan V2 and at least one Tuning Option.  All Tuning Tool options are packed with features that make tuning fast, effective and most importantly, accurate.

The EFILive Tuning Tool can read the entire contents of an Engine Controller (ECM), Powertrain Controller (PCM), or Transmission Controller (TCM) and store it on your PC’s hard drive; or when used with the FlashScan V2 interface within the hardware unit itself. You can read and store as many different vehicles as your FlashScan interface supports. The tuning data is displayed in easy to understand tables, charts or 3D surface models. With the help of the integrated Scan Tool data, EFILive can quickly pinpoint performance and drivability problems. Depending on the vehicle type reading will be usually be completed in 2 to 4 minutes and reprogramming in less than 35 seconds with built in recovery should the reflash fail for both calibration rewrites and full reflashing.

State of the art, fast rotating 3D surface maps are essential for analysing trends, in three dimensions. The presentation of 3D surface maps is an important visual cue that helps you determine the characteristics of the calibration, at a single glance. With powerful blending and smoothing functions correcting maps is very simple.

Integration between the Scan Tool and the Tuning Tool allows you to instantly pinpoint problem areas in the Controller’s calibration. When you select a problem area in a log file, the selected data from the log file is sent to the Tuning Tool and the Tuning Tool highlights the calibration cells controlling the selected module at the time the problem data was logged. The integration features can save a tuner, hours of diagnostic work.

Scripting allows tuners to create an automated change list to apply to a stock tune based on previously tuned file. Instead of manually changing 50 tables for a base performance tune, and running the risk of keying errors, a script can be run on a stock tune and change those 50 tables in under 10 seconds.

Auto VE tuning automatically corrects the ECM/PCM’s fuel calibrations. Using data recorded by the Scan Tool, EFILive computes the adjustments to restore accurate fuel delivery to within 0.5% by correcting the appropriate tables in the Tuning Tool.

Gen IV vehicles lacking VE tables are more than adequately catered for with EFILive’s Virtual VE feature. With these controllers VE numbers are calculated on the fly from a set of VE coefficients, EFILive displays a 'Virtual VE Table' to allow tuners to alter VE numbers as though there was a real VE table, the software then converts the 'Virtual VE Table' in to VE coefficients. No more using Excel to view VE tables (if you even know how!). The Virtual VE Table is available for every E38 & E67 operating system.

Real-Time Automated Calibration System (RTACS) is a natural extension of EFILive's tightly integrated Scan/Tune feedback loop. RTACS uses feedback from a Wide Band O2 sensor to allow the EFILive software to automatically adjust the VE Table (as an example) in real time so that the controller’s commanded Air Fuel Ratio's match those measured by the Wide Band O2 sensor. RTACS features Map Masking, Data Filters, Target Indicators and both Fine and Coarse adjustments, giving your LS1 PCM true real time automatic tuning capabilities, normally only found in expensive aftermarket EFI computers designed for racing applications. RTACS is only available in conjunction with the Moates Ware RoadRunner Realtime PCM.

Seamless integration with other performance products propels EFILive into previously uncharted waters and leaves other scanning and tuning products looking inferior. Combining data streams from external sources including WBO2, vehicle sensors such as EGT, as well as streaming data from dynamometers, and Moates Ware’s RoadRunner Realtime PCM clearly separates EFILive from the competition.

All tune files are encrypted using EFILive’s proprietary encryption routines. The tuner can choose to restrict the tune in multiple ways

  • Restrict a tune file so that it can only be flashed into a particular engine or transmission controller (of your choosing).
  • Restrict a tune file so that it can only be flashed by a particular FlashScan or AutoCal device (of your choosing).
  • Restrict a tune file so that it cannot be modified.
  • Restrict a tune file so that it cannot be viewed.

Once one or more of these restrictions have been applied to a tune file, the restrictions can only be removed if the FlashScan device that was used to apply the restrictions is connected to the PC. That means only the tuner who applies restrictions can remove those same restrictions.

Tuner's can choose to protect their tunes by locking controllers using a custom key which prevents anyone who does not know that custom key from accessing the controller's calibrations. (Not all controllers support locking)

On most controllers locking not only prevents the controller's calibrations from being accessed but also prevents new calibrations being flashed into the controller.

Custom Operating Systems have been developed by EFILive to address tuning requirements that, until now, have not been possible. There is a wide range of Custom Operating Systems available for various controllers, specific COS details by controller can be found here.