Tuning support for the E20 Diesel ECM is the latest addition to our GM Diesel Supported Vehicles. The E20 ECM is used in various GM platforms around the world including Europe, South Africa, India, Singapore, Asia and Australia (excluding North America). Supported vehicles will be using the new 'Family Z' 2.0L and 2.2L 4cyl Diesel engines with the 2.2L offering up to 400 N·m (295 lb·ft) @ 2000 RPM in standard form.

ECM flashing and parameter support has been added to our Beta software to compliment both our diesel scan tool PID expansion from August 6, and ECM reading support which was added to public release software earlier in 2013.

To assist with ongoing development for the E20 platform, the team at EFILive welcomes a new 2014 Holden Cruze diesel as it's latest test vehicle. Within 48 hours of leaving the dealers lot, and with less than 100kms on the odometer, It's already had numerous tunes flashed. Rated at 5.6L/100km (42MPG) for highway driving, our first drive actually netted 4.7L/100km (50MPG).

Covering vehicles from 2011 through to present, the E20 ECM is found in the following diesel powered vehicles:





E20 GM Diesel (excluding North America)  
11-14 Chevrolet Captiva (EU)
11-14 Chevrolet Cruze (EU)
Chevrolet Orlando (EU)
11-14 Holden Captiva
11-14 Holden Cruze
11-14 Opel Antera


Unfortunately for our North American customers, this ECM and engine family is not available in the USA. This ECM and engine is different to the 2.0L Chevrolet Cruze recently released into the USA market....but we do have some exciting news for you too (please read below!)

EFILive has expanded it's online forum to include a dedicated E20 discussion forum. For existing customers, our E20 software release will be a FREE software update once our stringent beta testing requirements are met.