EFILive is pleased to announce Public Pre-Release software dated November 2015 is now available.


This release contains updates to V8 Scan and Tune and V7 software.  The Auto-Lock implementation for E39, E92 and E98 controllers requires that tuners and customers upgrade their AutoCal and FlashScan firmware to V2.07.86 or later. The upgrade is required to prevent *.ctz and *.coz tune files created using this pre-release (or later) from being used with older software or firmware.

Tuners: If you update your software and firmware and attempt to deliver new tune files to your customers, then your customers must also update to the following version (or later) or they will not be able to flash those new tune files.

  • V7.5 Software: V7.5.7, Build 288
  • V8 Software: V8.2.2, Build 281

Existing tune files will continue to work normally with the new software.


V8 Software: V8.2.2 Build 289

Known Issues:

  • When Black Box Logging PIDs from an ECM and TCM simultaneously and a PID is selected from the transmission controller (TCM) that has an identically named PID in the engine controller (ECM), (i.e. RPM) then when the log file is opened in the V8 software for viewing, the TCM PID will be displayed as if it originated from the ECM. The PID's data will have correctly been logged from the TCM, only its name will appear to indicate that it was logged from the ECM.
    Workaround: None. It is a restriction of the *.efi (V7.5 log file format). That restriction will be removed and the TCM PIDs will display their true origin once the V8 scan tool software is available.

Build 287 Enhancements:

  • Added a more accurate chart auto-scaling option that attempts to place zero at either the top, center or bottom of the axis.
  • Added Shift+Click on the chart auto-scale option to show maximum data range - does not attempt to locate zero at the top, center or bottom of the scale.
  • Added Ctrl+drag to duplicate the chart axis range from one axis to another.
  • Optimized chart drawing when resizing and rescaling for very large log files (i.e. 50,000 frames plus).
  • Added progress bars to indicate long running tasks for very large log files (i.e. 50,000 frames plus). Progress bars’ visibility may be customized in the Properties->[Dashboard]->Charts: area.
  • Added note labels to notes in charts.
  • Added notes display “On/Off” VCR button.
  • Added "unit type" selection to pid units in [F3: Data] page.
  • Fixed changes to Properties->General->Units->Default Units not saving/loading correctly.

Build 286 Enhancements:

  • The [F2: Scan]->F3: Data] display can now be customized to display data in other units, using a right click menu option.
  • Added convertValue(v,from,to) function that may be used to convert units of calculated PIDs. Converts the value “v” from units “from” to units “to”. The “from” and “to” units must be existing symbols from the same units group as shown in the General->Units property settings.
  • Added "HDW Number" display to [F4: OBD] info for controllers that were not already displaying it.
  • Updated E98 DMA PIDs.
  • Updated GM powertrain DTC descriptions.

Build 285 Enhancements:

  • Added support for reading, flashing and auto-locking the E80 controller
  • Added support for black box logging for the E80 controller.
  • Added support for defining E98 DSP4 switchable tune names on the [F5: BBX]->[F4: Switch] tab page.

Build 283 Enhancements:

  • Added error code/description lookup option in the [F8: Tools] window.
  • When setting security options in the Quick Setup window, FlashScan is queried silently for license information without disturbing any existing AutoCal connection.
  • Removed the [Ok] prompt when adding a remote AutoCal license to a Quick Setup file.
  • Added a calculated PID function compareFloat(v1,v2,epsilon) to compare two floating point values. Returns true if v1 and v2 differ by less than epsilon otherwise returns false.

Build 280 Enhancements:

  • Added Auto-Locking support for E39 and E98 controllers.
  • Added filename to error messages during bulk *.ctz->*.coz file conversions to easily identify which files could not be converted.

Build 279 Enhancements:

  • New option to force all lock/unlock key entry fields to display like passwords without revealing the value of the key. Useful for when you are controlling a customer’s PC via a remote login and need to enter a key that is not supposed to be revealed to the customer. This option is on by default but can be switched off using Edit->Properties->Tuning Tool->Read/Flash->”Display lock/unlock key entry fields with a password mask.”
  • Various remote options can now be embedded in a *.ctz or *.coz tune file which will be used to control remote Black Box Flashing, they are ignored during pass-thu flashing. The remote options are available on the [F3: Tune]->[F4: Properties]->[Remote] tab page:
    • [Set Key] which will ask you to enter a key to be used to unlock the remote controller.
      [Clear Key] which will remove the key from the file.
      The key is encrypted before being stored in the file.
    • Try Alt Keys which forces FlashScan/AutoCal to try additional known keys to unlock the controller.
    • Assume Lock May Be Faulty which forces FlashScan/AutoCal to attempt to unlock the controller even if a lock is not detected.
    • High Speed (VPW Only) which will attempt to flash the controller using high speed mode (the default value for this option is “checked”).
  • The remote options listed above can be managed for BBX Quick Setup files in the “Quick Setup Properties” window, available via the Quick Setup right-click menu option: “Quick Setup Properties”.
  • Adding/removing BBX controllers in the [F5: BBX] tab page now works more intuitively.
  • [F8: Tools]->[F2 Search] option now also looks in *.bbx files when searching for tune files.
  • [F8: Tools]->[F7 Copy] option can be used to do bulk *.ctz -> *.coz conversions.
  • Dragging *.bbx or *.txt files onto the EFILive V8 software now opens that file. Currently the only text files that are supported are the BBX options text files.
  • Scan Tool playback now plays back correctly at any zoom factor. Previously the playback automatically zoomed to 1:1 before playing back.
  • Full screen mode has been enhanced to allow either the [F4: Charts] or the [F5: Gauges] tab pages to be displayed in full-screen mode. Press F10 to show the charts in full-screen mode, press F11 to show the gauges in full-screen. Press Esc to cancel full-screen.
  • The “Quick Setup Security Settings” window name has been changed to “Quick Setup Properties”.
  • Added E98 read support.
  • Added black box logging support for E87, E98 and T87.

Build 278 Enhancements:

  • Added a warning when saving a tune file with Auto-Lock active but without the “Cannot be Viewed or Modified” security restriction.
  • The [F4: OBD] tab page is now operational. Features include System Readiness Test results and DTC display.
  • Added option to double click (or drag) a *.bbx file to start EFILive with that *.bbx quick setup file pre-loaded.
  • Quick setup (*.bbx) files can now be double-clicked, or dragged onto the V8 software to automatically open the quick setup file in the [F5: BBX] -> [F6: Quick Setup] tab page.
  • Quick setup (*.bbx) files now have a unique icon in Windows Explorer.
  • Calibration only (*.coz) files now have a unique icon in Windows Explorer.

Build 277 Enhancements:

  • LB7/E54 corrupt serial number is now automatically corrected during a full flash.
  • The warning about EDA not being supported on CMD/CME controller has been updated to indicate that EDA logging is now available for all CSP5 enabled controllers.

Build 289 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed PID scaling for O2 sensor mV PIDs. The V8 scan tool was displaying mV values with a 0.2% scaling error.

Build 288 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed changes to Properties->General->Units not saving/loading correctly.
  • Fixed Access Violation when opening a dashboard that attempts to display PIDs that are not selected in the current log file.
  • Fixed Scan Tool software not automatically loading calculated PIDs that have a prefix other than “CALC” when loading log files.
  • Fixed right-click default unit menu options in [F2: Scan]->[F3: Data] page to work correctly when multiple PIDs with multiple different unit types are selected.

Build 287 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed overlapping *.cax detection that failed to allow for non-contiguous calibration definitions.
  • Fixed "range error" when selecting/copying data from the [F4: OBD]->[F2: OBD]->[DTCs] tab page.
  • Fixed Timestamp not displaying properly when charts are zoomed out.
  • After moving "Playback markers" the chart inspector stayed invisible.
  • Fixed E80, E87 and E92 serial number not displaying correctly in the [F3: Tune]->[F3: Calibration] area.

Build 286 Bug Fixes:

  • PID data can now be displayed in units other than metric.
  • Fix random DTCs being displayed for E86A and E86B controllers.
  • Fix SRT results not being displayed for one controller when both an ECM and TCM exist on some platform combos.

Build 285 Bug Fixes:

  • PIDs can now b e displayed in the charts using units other than metrc.
  • Fixed access violation that may occur after right-clicking on a Scan Item entry in the [F5: BBX] window and changing the controller type so that the new controller type does not support one or more of the previous controller's selected PIDs.
  • Fixed “Remote Key” being ignored when flashing the following controllers: E37, E67 and AL5.

Build 283 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that mishandled negative values for some PIDs when displaying log files.

Build 280 Bug Fixes:

  • PIDs containing sub-PIDs were not displaying correctly in the chart display nor in the data display during log file playback.
  • Black Box Custom units and alarm user configurations were not being loaded from the Black Box options text files.
  • Frame counter on data display was not being updated correctly during log file playback.
  • Channel allocation meters for PID selections in [F2: Scan] and [F5: BBX] windows are now more accurate.
  • On the [F5: BBX]->[F6: Quick Setup] tab page, when attempting to add or remove an AutoCal Remote License to one or more files (that support the EFILocker COS Patch) and the “When Saving Tune Files for AutoCal”->“Automatically set the Auto-Lock security restriction” property is active, a warning is displayed explaining that Auto-Lock is not supported or is only supported via the V7 EFILocker COS Patch.
  • Fixed Access Violation that may occur when deleting “Scan Controller” items from the [F5: BBX] tab page.
  • The most recently used BBX setup file is now being loaded when the [F5: BBX] window is opened.

Build 279 Bug Fixes:

  • Option to allow all files to be shown in file save dialog boxes (instead of just files that match the file extension being saved) now works properly.
  • Opening a new Options file in the [F5: BBX] tab page will now prompt you to save the existing Options file if it has been modified.
  • Swapping controller selections in the [F2: Scan] tab page from a PCM controller to an ECM controller could cause an “Access Violation”.
  • Leading and trailing spaces are now automatically removed from activation codes when activating licenses in the [F7: Licenses] tab page.
  • The [F8: Tools]->[F5: Keys] utility now searches both the “Configuration” and “User Configuration” folders for PCMLocks.ini files.

Build 278 Bug Fixes:

  • LML recovery after a failed flash may fail with $0333 “Security Access Denied” error.
  • LS1B and LB7 full flash may set the seed/key combination to $0000/$0000 causing the EFILive software to presume the controller is locked. Subsequent read and/or flash attempts fail with $0333 “Security Access Denied” error.
  • Various scan tool improvements for computing calculated PIDs, filtering and searching log files.
  • The GM.EOPS PID was not being imported correctly from V7 *.efi log files.


FlashScan/AutoCal Boot Block: V2.07.07 (Feb 07, 2014) and

FlashScan/AutoCal Firmware: V2.07.94 (Nov 24, 2015)

Build V2.07.91 Enhancements:

  • Added E98 DSP4 switching.

Build V2.07.90 Enhancements:

  • Added support for defining E98 DSP4 switchabletune names on then the [F5: BBX]->[F4: Switch] tab page.

Build V2.07.87 Enhancements:

  • Added E92 OS 12663390 to OS compatibility matrix.

Build V2.07.85 Enhancements:

  •    Added support for the remote options described in V8 Enhancements above.

Build V2.07.84 Enhancements:

  • Power-up key options have changed, see table below.


Build V2.07.94 Bug Fixes:


  • E80 controller could not be read using black box logging.
  • Fixed firmware date showing as N/A

 Build V2.07.93 Bug Fixes:

  • Serial protocol message ID $7F01 has been duplicated to ID $7F00. Either $7F00 or $7F01 may be used by external, third party data loggers to request the currently selected PID list.
  • Fixed V7 dashboard name not being saved in log file correctly during black box logging.

Build V2.07.90 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed “Negative Response Error/5” when starting a pass-thru data log while AD1 is connected to a voltage signal of 1.2V or more.

Build V2.07.90 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed security PIN being ignored when selecting DSP5 switchable tunes.

Build V2.07.86 Bug Fixes:

  • Black Box Logging would fail if unsupported DMA PIDs were selected. Now the unsupported PIDs show as “N/A”.
  • If too many PIDs were selected, resulting in more than 7 dynamic packets of PID channel data (approx. 49 channels) then the BBL would stall and not log any data.


V7 Software: V7.5.7 Build 298

Build 297 Calibration Updates:

  • E86B: 2016 LML - added support for 2 new OS's.
  • E86B: Added full flash support for controllers with boot block 12664192.

Build 296 Calibration Updates:

  • E98: DSP4 switchable tuning for E98 Duramax 2.8L
  • E98: Support for 2 new OS's
  • E86B: 2016 LML calibration support.
  • T76: 5 new OS’s for 2013-15 vehicles.

Build 292 Calibration Updates:

  • E80 -inital calibration release for the E80 controller.
  • E92 - added support for OS 12671993.

Build 291 Calibration Updates:

  • E98 - added support for the E98 diesel controller.
  • E92 - added support for OS 12670745.

Build 287 Calibration Updates:

  • T87 - added support for new T87 TCM controller.

Build 286 Calibration Updates:

  • E39/E39A – added support for 10 new operating systems.
  • E78 – added support for 8 new operating systems.  Parameter enhancements for existing operating systems.
  • E92 – added support for OS 12670948.  Parameter enhancements for existing operating systems.

Build 296 Enhancements: 

  • Allow Space-Bar to be used to pause/resume pass-thru logging.
  • Added Properties option to enable/disable space bar to be used to pause pass-thru logging.

Build 293 Enhancements:

  • Updated E98 DMA PIDs.
  • Updated GM powertrain DTC descriptions.

Build 291 Enhancements:

  • *.cax files may now be placed in \My Documents\EFILive\V7.5\User Configuration\.

Build 287 Enhancements:

  • Added Auto-Locking support for E39 and E98 controllers.

Build 286 Enhancements:

  • New option to force all lock/unlock key entry fields to display like passwords without revealing the value of the key. Useful for when you are controlling a customer’s PC via a remote login and need to enter a key that is not supposed to be revealed to the customer. This option is on by default but can be switched off using Edit->Properties->[Options]->”Display lock/unlock key entry fields with a password mask.”.
  • Added/Updated DTC descriptions for GM type “P” trouble codes.

Build 285 Enhancements:

  • Added a warning when saving a tune file with Auto-Lock active but without the “Cannot be Viewed or Modified” security restriction.
  • Controllers that have a key of $0000 can now be “unlocked” using the Unlock window.

Build 284 Enhancements:

  • Added CSP5 Custom OS and EDA logging for CMD/CME controllers.
  • Changed V7 Software/FlashScan firmware version mismatch error to better explain that both V7 and the firmware must be updated to the latest release.
  • Added Properties option to allow user defined *.cax definitions to overlap other user defined *.cax file definitions.
  • *.cax file out of range and overlapping issues are now presented as a single report that contains all issues in one place, instead of a different dialog box for each issue.

Build 298 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed “Bins” folder not being saved/restored correctly across application restart.
  • Fixed DSP2 and DSP5 initialization scripts which weren’t initializing the first row and first column of the switchable injection pulse tables.

Build 296 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed calculated AFR PIDs to refer to the correct base external voltage PID.

Build 296 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed DMA PID links for E38, E39, E40, E67 and E92 controllers.
  • Fixed "System" drop down list box to not reset to "(All)" after a selection is made. Scan Tool now starts faster.
  • Changed default precision for mV from 3 to 0.
  • Standardized EFILive defined calculated PIDs in sae_generic.txt, all BEN factors for controllers with *.AFRATIO_DMA PIDs are now included.

Build 289 Bug Fixes:

  • Added missing diesel injector PIDs.

Build 287 Bug Fixes:

  • Updated E92 fuel pressure tables.

Build 286 Bug Fixes:

  • When upgrading to a DSP5 custom OS and the tune file requires saving, then after the file has been saved it is upgraded to DSP2 instead of DSP5 without warning.

Build 284 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed up some problems with *.cax definitions not being validated correctly. This fix may now mean that previously unreported *.cax definitions that had undetected issue, will now report correctly as invalid


Documentation Updates

  • EFILocker COS Patch.pdf
  • Cummins 2010-15 Quick Start.pdf
  • Cummins 2006-09 Quick Start.pdf
  • EFILive AutoCal Info for End Users Guide.pdf.
  • EFILive AutoCal Info for Tuners Guide.pdf
  • Added Cummins 6p7L CM2200 CSP5 User Guide.pdf
  • Added Cummins 6p7L CM2350B CSP5 User Guide.pdf
  • EFILive V8 Reference.pdf
  • Duramax 2p8L 2014-2016 DSP4 User Guide.pdf

Knowledgebase Updates https://support.efilive.com/kb.php

  • Locking FAQ
  • Power Up Options
  • Reading a Controller
  • Flashing and Licensing a Controller
  • Problem Reading a Controller
  • Problem Flashing a Controller
  • Configure FlashScan V2 and AutoCal for BBX
  • Device Settings
  • License Status
  • SD Card Configuration