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November 2017, Public Release

V8 Software: V8.2.10
FlashScan/AutoCal Firmware: V2.07.128 (Nov 03, 2017)
FlashScan/AutoCal Boot Block: V2.07.007 (Feb 07, 2014)
V7.5 Software: V7.5.15

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Check for Software Updates

EFILive has changed the [Check for Updates] process. The [Check for Updates] option will check your current software version against the most recent public release version available on our website. If a newer version is available, users will be directed to our website to download the updated software.

Calibration Values Outside of Recommended Limits

A new option has been added to the V7.5 tune software that allows users to enter calibration values outside of EFILive's recommended limits. The new option is controlled via the Edit->Properties->[Options]->"Allow calibrations to exceed recommended limits." check box.

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