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V8 Chart & Gauge Displays

Full screen mode has been enhanced to allow either the [F4: Charts] or the [F5: Gauges] tab pages to be displayed in full-screen mode. Press F10 to show the charts in full-screen mode, press F11 to show the gauges in full-screen. Press Esc to cancel full-screen.

Problems Reading a Controller

There are a variety of reasons why a controller cannot be read, referencing the exact error code returned from the controller against the EFILive Error Codes.pdf, or the newly added [F8: Tools] -> [F8:Lookup Errors] option in the V8 Scan and Tune software provides details on the exact nature of the issue experienced.

Often errors are not caused by a 'problem' at all, some read errors occur because of ECM or Operating design features (or constraints).

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Tune File Format Enhancements

From time to time, EFILive provides tune file format updates which are not backwards compatible to deliver enhanced features to our customers. While backwards compatibility is not an issue for many customers, those customers who provide tuning services remotely do need to ensure their customer base maintains compatibility with their chosen software versions. Updated software continues to open old tune file formats, however tune files saved in updated software cannot be opened in older software versions.

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