Diesel Partner Products

A range of products can be integrated with EFILive to provide an enhancement to your purchase. These products are approved for use with EFILive. Customers should contact their chosen vendor to discuss availability, sales, and service advice.


Cummins Partner Products

In addition to switching via FlashScan V2 or AutoCal, integration of EFILive's proprietary CSP5 custom operating system is designed to function only with licensed ancillary products provided by licensed distributors.  Only licensed distributors are approved by EFIlive and have the rights to provide the ancillary products to CSP5.  All software is copyright protected.  EFILive recommends that customers confirm that their chosen ancillary product is licensed for distribution and use.  EFILive’s current licensed distributors are:

SoCal Diesel

SoCal Diesel - CSP5 Switch

Compatible with 06-15 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins

Starlite Diesel

Starlite Diesel - StarLog

Compatible with 06-15 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins

COMMING SOON Contact Starlite for availability



Duramax Partner Products

SoCal Diesel

SoCal Diesel - DSP5 & DSP4 Switch

DSP5 Compatible with LB7, LLY, LBZ and LMM

DSP4 Compatible with E98


Edge Products

Edge Products - Insight CTS

Compatible with LB7 and LLY



Other Diesel Partner Products

Fleece Performance Engineering

Fleece Performance - XDL Datalogger

The Fleece Performance XDL is not limited to OBD II type or EFILive supported vehicles. It can be used as a black box logger, on all mechanically controlled engines, such as; the 12v Cummins, pulling tractors, competition semis, and carbureted or fuel injected gas type engines while still featuring the ability to use the unrivaled EFILive interface for logging, recording, and playback.