FlashScan HD VIN License

FlashScan HD customers may purchase additional VIN licenses to tune additional controllers. FlashScan HD is pre-configured with two VIN licenses. Additional VIN licenses may be purchased up to a limit of 221 per FlashScan HD device.

Availability: In stock

Maximum number of characters: 12

Maximum number of characters: 20

FlashScan HD is able to support up to 221 VIN licenses. Each VIN license is capable of tuning one supported Cummins HD engine controller.

To ensure VIN Licenses are delivered to you within 10 minutes of processing, your FlashScan Serial number and Auth Code will be validated before you can place your order..

VIN License Validation

  1. You must obtain your serial and authentication code from EFILive V8 software. (How?)
  2. Enter the FlashScan HD Serial number into the Serial field. Serial must be either 10 or 12 characters.
  3. Enter the authentication code into the Auth Code field. The Auth Code must be exactly 20 characters.
  4. Enter the Qty to purchase.
  5. Select [Check Serial & Code].
  6. Add validated code to cart.

VIN License Validation Help

If the serial and auth code do not pass validation, an error code will be displayed. Error code details and VIN License validation help can be found here. Customers should ensure that the information entered is EXACTLY as displayed in EFILive software.

  1. Check software version used to generate the auth code.
  2. Check for spaces at the start/end of code.
  3. Hyphens are essential.
  4. Serial must be either 10 or 12 characters.
  5. Auth Code must be exactly 20 characters.
  6. Verify quantity limit has not been exceeded.