EFILive Scan Tool

DTC functions

DVT Control Panel

Virtual Dashboard

PID Selection

The EFILive Scan Tool is available for all customers who have purchased FlashScan V2 or AutoCal.

The EFILive Scan Tool is for enthusiasts and professional repairers, who need to retrieve and clear fault codes (DTC’s), scan and log high-speed data and diagnose faults using Dynamic Vehicle Testing (DVT) commonly referred to as Bi-Directional controls. 

The EFILive Scan Tool may be used to scan and log as many vehicles as your FlashScan interface supports.  Black box logging gives you the freedom to log data under all circumstances without a laptop computer in the vehicle. Wide band O2, 5V analog voltage and thermocouple inputs allow you to integrate data from most external sensors directly with EFILive’s logged data stream.

Specialty DVT controls such as Crank Angle Sensor Error relearn (CASE), cylinder power balance test and manual idle control are all available in the EFILive Scan Tool.  With DVT controls you also manually control functions in real time such as turning cooling fans on/off, control fuel pressure and many other functions. 

View logged data real time, or play back recorded logs at a later stage.  To assist in data analysis, data can be displayed in many forms – virtual dashboard, charts, tables, and 3D surface maps.  Create a visual cue that helps you diagnose faults at a single glance.

Highly regarded as the premier Scan Tool for late model GM based Gas and Diesel vehicles, and now available for Dodge Cummins the EFILive Scan Tool is the one tool your tool box cannot be without. Not only does the EFILive Scan Tool support both SAE and GM Enhanced PID’s but we also offer DMA (Direct Memory Access) PID’s, these aren’t even supported on a $4000 TechII!, these PID’s allow tuners to really narrow down on specific running parameters to assist in tuning.