EFILive V4 Scan OBDI/ALDL Scan Tool License

EFILive V4 Scan OBDI/ALDL Scan Tool License


Product information:

EFILive V4 Scan Tool for pre 1996, OBDI vehicles that use GM's ALDL 8192/160 baud protocol. This product is a software license only. It is intended for those who already have an ALDL 8192 and/or 160 baud interface cable.

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For those who wish to construct their own RS232-ALDL cable, please see the circuit diagram at TechEdge.

Or you may purchase a ready made USB-ALDL cable from Moates here: Model: ALDU1_CABL1

The EFILive V4 software has limited support for scanning non-GM, ALDL equipped vehicles such as Daewoo and Lotus. If you plan to use EFILive V4 on those non-GM vehicles, please verify that the product will operate correctly with that vehicle prior to purchasing as those vehicles are not officially supported by EFILive.

If your GM vehicle's data stream is not currently configured for use with EFILive V4, you may construct a datastream definition for your vehicle using the data found in the ALDLstuff.zip file here: ftp://ftp.diy-efi.org/pub/gmecm/

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