The holiday period provides a chance to reflect on our journey and plan for the year ahead.  It's an opportunity to tidy up loose ends, clear our plates and revisit our priority list for the coming year.

All too often we deliver one project and move onto the next without really considering how far we've come.  Reflecting for us gives us renewed vigour to deliver bigger and better releases for the future, and our holiday break provides the critical time needed for our minds to recharge for the year ahead. 

So now that the 2013 work year has commenced, we are PUMPED about our plans!

From a software perspective, 2013 will be most exciting for our V8 software project.  With an operational Scan Tool and reading/flashing already functional in V8, the much anticipated Tune Tool features will be integrated into our software suite.  The significance of this development will affect every EFILive customer, with customers being able to revert to one single piece of integrated software.  Of course, the implementation of the Tune Tool in V8 also signals changes for our V7 software.  V7 will continue to support our FlashScan V1 hardware, however given controllers supported on this device were retired around 2006 software updates and bug fixes will be further scaled back.  V7 software enhancements will cease.

Hardware development is again on our agenda, with research commencing for another device to add to our suite.  While we don't expect prototypes in 2013, much of the ground work is slated for this year.

Our new website and online store will be launched in the first half of this year providing better functionality for our customers and better integration for our administration team.  Our Knowledge Base is also scheduled for some attention.

Additional controller support, and extending existing support continues to be a key area of development.  For GM customers, support for the updated E39 (E39A) ECM for 2013 vehicles is currently in development.  For Cummins this involves the release of CSP and our EDA (Enhanced Data Logging) initially for 2006-7 5.9L, and followed by development of these features plus the release of higher RPM for our 6.7L Customers.  Both projects are expected to be publicly released in the first quarter of 2013.

Several Cummins ECM's are currently in or are slated for development, along with additional GM controllers.  Our new V8 software will allow us to diversify further, and we'd like to expand on our structure for adding additional controllers where customers import their own mapping data, much like the read/write functions that already exists in our software for the GM V6 Bosch ECM.   Behind the scenes we are also sourcing ECM's for platforms in different markets.

We continue to look out to further partner with other companies where product integration can deliver mutual enhancements. Forging close relationships with our Distributors and Resellers, along with growing our distribution network remain high priorities, and we welcome Lorraine Dawes to our administration  team in our New Zealand office.  Who knows we just may even look at further expanding our team in 2013 if the right individual presents themselves.

EFILive acknowledges that our customers are the most important part of our product. We will continue to ask for your input and feedback on new features, additional controller support, and product testing.  Of course many of our customers are just interested in getting great support, regular software updates and timely responses to their queries; on this front we continue to strive to meet or exceed your expectations.