EFILive's V8 Scan Tool software development project is progressing well and should be ready for field testing as early as the end of August. Our current V7 Scan Tool was first released nearly 10 years ago, and since then it has been expanded well beyond it's original intention, exclusively an LS1 Scan Tool.

In the 10 years the EFILive V7 Scan Tool has been available we've seen many changes in technology, vehicle support, and customer needs.  Our V8 Scan Tool incorporates many of these advances, including:

  • Clean-sheet software design that takes full advantage of hardware graphics acceleration using industry standard OpenGL graphics.
  • Many customers, particularly resellers and workshop owners who manage and support remote customers, have asked for a single configuration file that can be configured at the workshop and then emailed to their customers; the V8 Scan Tool software delivers that feature.
  • Logging engine and transmission parameters simultaneously is supported in pass-thru logging with no channel limitations on CAN bus vehicles.
  • The chart display provides a wealth of statistical information, including maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation data values. The statistical data is displayed visually on the charts and numerically in the coloured axis.
  • Enhanced visual manipulation of the charts is provided. Individual series can be moved up/down and their scales can be zoomed just by rolling the scroll wheel.
  • Log files can be cropped and concatenated.
  • Data can be exported to popular data processing packages such as Excel, OpenOffice.
  • Amazing improvement in speed, V7.5 currently takes 30 seconds for a 100,000 frame log to re-plot,  V8 re-plots 190,000 frames in just 2.5 seconds. Scan and Tune tools are integrated, so no need to disconnect the scanner when it comes time to reflash the vehicle.