A small percentage of customers have historically reported issues with USB stability and V7.5 software hanging with FlashScan V2 connected. EFILive has invested 100's of hours over many months trying to resolve these issues for our customers, however until now have never been able to duplicate these issues in our test environment.

Our August 6, 2013 pre-release software (and all future releases) now include changes to eliminate these issues. The boot block software for FlashScan V2 and AutoCal has been updated to increase the stability of USB data transfers under varying environmental conditions, and this release also solves the V7.5 software hanging issues.

To gain access to these features customers will need to update their V8 software, FlashScan V2 or AutoCal boot block and firmware, and update their V7.5 software.

EFILive would like to thank our customers for their patience, and those customers who offered to send their PC's/Laptops to EFILive to allow our team to duplicate and resolve this issue. Until this point, our USB driver provider hasn't been able to duplicate this issue, and has requested our test laptop so that they can also work on resolving this issue for their other customers.