EFILive doesn't offer Tuner Training Classes, but we know many of our partners do.  Below are some upcoming classes we've been made aware of.

APS Service Centre - EFILive and GM LS Tuning.

APS Service Centre is once again hosting a much awaited " Introduction to EFILive and GM LS tuning " class in Melbourne, Australia on March 28-29, 2014.

You will learn to utilise the EFILive software tool, trouble shooting basics, street and dyno tuning, along with the tuning process from start to finish as used on a day to day basis by one of Australia's most respected LS workshops. And using terms you can understand!

Attendee's should preferably have a basic understanding of how their engine works, and are advised to bring a laptop with EFILive installed.  Contact the team at APS for pricing and further details.     

Diesel University by Fleece Performance Engineering.  
2 day classes are scheduled for Spring 2014, and Fall 2014 in their Brownsburg, IN facility.
Class includes:

  • EFILive Software Introduction
  • EFILive Tuning Basics
  • Duramax and Cummins EFILive Tuning
  • Turbocharger and Common Rail Injection Overview
  • Onsite Live Dyno Tuning
  • Using Fleece Performance XDL (DataLogger) - Diesel University Exclusive
Starlite Diesel - EFILive Diesel Training.
Between February and April several 2 day classes are scheduled at a variety of locations across North America.
Class includes:
If you would like to advertize your training class send us an email at newsletter@efilive.com