From time to time, EFILive provides tune file format updates which are not backwards compatible to deliver enhanced features to our customers. While backwards compatibility is not an issue for many customers, those customers who provide tuning services remotely do need to ensure their customer base maintains compatibility with their chosen software versions. Updated software continues to open old tune file and *.bbx formats, however tune files and *.bbx files saved in updated software cannot be opened in older software versions.

EFILive communicates these types of changes at the top of the software releases notes in the below format:

There are two methods available to update existing tune files to the latest format, either by opening and re-saving an existing tune file in either V7 or V8 software, or in bulk by using the Update Tune Files feature in V8 Scan and Tune.

The Update Tune Files process is designed specifically for those customers who manage tune file libraries to support their remote customers where opening and saving individual tune files in the new format would be time consuming and cumbersome. The Update Tune File format feature can be accessed by opening the V8 Scan and Tune software and navigating to the [F7: Tools] -> [F6: Update] menu.