Torque Model Tables are an exclusive feature of the EFILive software. While others try to discredit their effectiveness, the truth is they work and are critical in obtaining the right tuning result for many of our Gas controllers including E37, E38, E39, E67 & E78.

Customers have long complained that the 6Lxx transmission shifts feel different when running MAF-less, and of shift hanging issues with boosted engines. Making changes to shift pressures and desired shift times can even further detract from the desired result. With many man hours invested in trying to resolve these issues within the TCM, we took a step back and reassessed the interaction of the TCM with the ECM.

We discovered the problem is that the TCM's own calculations are torque based. The T43 does a lot of it's own 'thinking' based on the torque figure the ECM is reporting to it. The result of this torque figure being out usually results in the issues mentioned above. The ECM doesn't actually measure engine torque,it calculates the torque value, so unless you change the tables used in the calculations the torque figure broadcast to the TCM is not going to be correct, so no amount of TCM tuning changes are going to resolve these issues.

To demonstrate the importance of these findings, in testing we saw a drop of almost 40 lb-ft in the ECM's maximum reported torque just by going MAF-less. Ever notice how a MAF-less A6 car doesn't shift as nice?

So, the fix for this is not in the TCM, it's the ECM, tuners need to use our recently incorporated Torque Model Tables to get the ECM to broadcast a more accurate torque figure of the engine for the TCM to work with. When that occur occurs, everything just falls in to place.

Torque Model Tables are available on all OS's for E37, E38, E39, E67 & E78 controllers.