As with all EFILive products, there is always room for ongoing improvement. Development continues too, working away in the background and enhancements sneak in with each new software release. As new features are 'drip fed' into a product, we tend to over look how much a product such as AutoCal has matured when compared to our original vision 6 years ago.

As each new market segment and customer group embraces AutoCal, the product requirements ever so slightly change, and there starts a development cycle.

We've added simple menu and advanced menu structures to allow tuners to determine the functions they want their customers to have access to. The way files are managed has changed too. More recently we've added the ability for AutoCal devices to be 'Unlinked' from a FlashScan V2 device, as well as the can 'self sign' option giving tuners and end users greater flexibility.

This current release delivers further innovation with the 'Quick Setup', designed to streamline the device setup process. This will be a critical time saver for those using AutoCal in volume. AutoCal splash screens now have editable text to allow tuners to further customize their product and improve brand recognition.

As a result of all of these changes, AutoCal documentation has been overhauled to support both tuners and end users. Our updated EFILive AutoCal Info for Tuners, and EFILive AutoCal Info for End Users documents can be found here..

But the evolution hasn't stopped, EFILive continues to work on AutoCal enhancements, and as with all development, feature requests are not only welcomed they are encouraged.