When FlashScan or AutoCal is connected to your PC, the V8 software usually holds a connection to the device which prevents the V7 software from connecting. Many users choose to close down V8 software to allow V7 to connect, but did you know you can right click on the EFILive Control Panel's icon in the system tray and select "Disconnect"? This process will force V8 to disconnect from FlashScan or AutoCal allowing V7 to connect.

To re-connect FlashScan or AutoCal to V8 , customers using the V7 Scan Tool must select the red disconnect button. For customers using the V7 Tune Tool, V8 will automatically reconnect to V8 if V7 is no longer using the device.

The V8 disconnect feature is also available via the F12 hot-key, but only if the Control Panel Window is open. The F12 hot key will not work while only the icon is visible is the system tray.