EFILive is pleased to announce Public Release software dated July 2016 is now available. The Check for Updates functions are now active. 

V8 Software: V8.2.2 Build 303

Known Issues:

  • When logging DMA PIDs (i.e. PIDs whose names end with "_M" or "_DMA"), if the ignition is switched off for an extended period while data logging but data logging is not terminated, then when the ignition is switched on again the data log automatically continues. However the DMA PIDs may no longer return valid data.
    Workaround: EFILive recommends stopping the data log and restarting the data log when switching off the ignition for extended periods.
  • When Black Box Logging PIDs from an ECM and TCM simultaneously and a PID is selected from the transmission controller (TCM) that has an identically named PID in the engine controller (ECM), (i.e. RPM) then when the log file is opened in the V8 software for viewing, the TCM PID will be displayed as if it originated from the ECM. The PID's data will have correctly been logged from the TCM, only its name will appear to indicate that it was logged from the ECM.
    Workaround: None. It is a restriction of the *.efi (V7.5 log file format). That restriction will be removed and the TCM PIDs will display their true origin once the V8 scan tool software is available.

Build 303 Enhancements:

  • Added USB testing option in EFILive Control Panel->[F3: USB Settings].
  • Standardized EFILive Explorer's Help->About version and copyright message.

Build 302 Enhancements:

  • OS override checkbox now defaults back to unchecked for each new flash procedure.
  • Reformatted the [F7: Licenses]->[F2: Hardware] tab page layout.
  • Added VIN usage messages to [F7: Licenses]->[F3: Vins] tab page.
  • Removed deprecated streams from the [F7: Licenses]->[F4: Streams] tab page. Deprecated stream licenses are no longer available for controllers: P08, P10, P11, P12 and L31. Existing stream licenses for those controllers will continue to work as normal.
  • Quick Start lists in main window and properties->General->Display renamed to "Recent Items".
  • "Stream Codes" renamed to "Controller Codes" in various places.
  • Pro Tuning license activation removed from [F7: Licenses] window when connected to an AutoCal device because the Pro Tuning license is not available for AutoCal devices.
  • When opening the [F5: BBX] window, a connection to FlashScan or AutoCal is automatically attempted.
  • Added Target OS column to the [F5: BBX]->[F6: Quick Setup] file list.
  • Disabled Target OS field in the [F5: BBX]->[F6: Quick Setup]->"Quick Setup Properties" window when no Pro Tuning License is available.
  • Disabled Target OS field in the [F3: Tune]->[F4: Properties] tab page when no Pro Tuning License is available.
  • The "What's New" window is now non-modal which means it can remain visible while the software is being used.

Build 301 Enhancements:

  • When opening *.bin and *.ctz files the contents are now validated so that the data in the file matches the data expected for the controller type. If data is missing then the file will fail to load into the software.

Build 299 Enhancements:

  • Added new GM DTC descriptions.
  • Changed the way controller checkboxes are checked in the [F5: BBX]->[F2: Scan] and [F5: BBX]->[F3: Tune] windows. Clicking on a checkbox of a selected controller will update the checkboxes for all other selected controllers. Clicking on the checkbox of a non-selected controller will only update that controller’s checkbox.

 Build 297 Enhancements:

  • Changed the measurement system name: “Imperial” to “Custom” to better reflect EFILive’s use of US customary units rather than the British imperial units.
  • Changed scan tool charts’ search/filter error messages to be less terse and to better describe the actual problem.
  • Added the options: Delete and Crop to the chart’s right click context menu.
  • Added additional PIDs to the chart filter PIDs:
  • TP is expanded to TP, TP_A, TP_D and TP_F
  • RPM is expanded to RPM and RPM_F
  • MAP is expanded to MAP, IMP and MAP2.
  • When 30 data frames or less are visible in the charts display, the mouse cursor will remain visible to aid left-right mouse navigation across the charts.

Build 296 Enhancements:

  • Added [Back] and [Cancel] buttons to the “Not all PIDs could be imported” dialog box. Selecting [Back] allows you to re-select different controller(s), selecting [Cancel] cancels loading the log file.
  • A user friendly warning is now displayed when the Scan Tool cannot connect to the selected controller(s).
  • A warning is now displayed when starting a log file that would overwrite the currently loaded log file (even if the log file does not require saving).
  • When saving a dashboard, the currently selected controller(s) are now saved with it. When loading a dashboard file if a log file is not open then the Scan Tool will pre-select the controller(s) named in the dashboard prior to loading the dashboard. That ensures the correct controller(s) is/are selected so that the dashboard’s PIDs are valid. If a log file is open then the log file’s controller(s) and PIDs remain selected.
  • When selecting Auto Detect from the [F2: Scan]->[F2: PIDs] tab page, the Auto Detect window now starts out with no controller(s) selected.
  • Device setting files can now be targeted to a specific device. Useful for protecting against accidentally programming settings into the wrong device when multiple devices are connected.
  • Changed the names of the EFILive supplied default dashboards that previously contained the term “Imperial” in the name. Imperial has been replaced by “Custom”. The term Custom is more accurate than Imperial because the dashboards use US Customary units, not Imperial units.
  • Dashboard files can now be saved even while the dashboard property editor windows are active.
  • Controller selection may now be changed while a log file is loaded. This will clear the log file (with a warning message). Note: Changing the controller will flag the dashboard as needing to be saved.
  • Changed sample dashboard filenames to include the controller type.
  • Added a sample map to each sample dashboard.
  • Allow dash to be saved while property editors are open. This can get complicated when for example you edit a chart, then save the chart, then discard or undo the changes. The changes are actually saved in the dash file, but the changes have been undone from the dashboard on the screen.

Build 295 Enhancements:

  • Cummins transmission PID’s have been added to the V8 Scan Tool.  (Option will not be enabled in V7 Scan Tool).
  • Cummins Fast CAN Mode (for CMD and CME controllers) gives the ability to control flash speed.  Fast CAN Mode is estimated to be 40% faster.
  • Added Pass-thru data logging.
  • Added user definable Scan Tool Maps on the [F2: Scan]->[F6: Maps] tab page.

Build 294 Enhancements:

  • Update the Scan Tool Chart right-click menu copy options to make them consistent with the soon to be released Scan Tool Map’s right-click options.

Build 302 Bug Fixes:

  • [OK] button on the "What's New" window did not cause the window to close.

Build 302 Bug Fixes:

  • Some T87 controllers do not erasing in a timely manner, erase timeout increased.
  • T87 full-flash was not reading VIN so VIN based security was not working (error $053E).
  • Flash Recovery detection now detects more recovery modes. I.e. it now checks VIN, serial and OS and if any of them are invalid the script now shows "Recovery" instead of the invalid values.
  • "Stream" column header in Explorer renamed to "Controller".
  • When attempting to clear security restrictions on multiple files in BBX quick setup, if the master FlashScan device is connected while the "connect the master FlashScan device" message is displayed, then only the second and subsequent files are cleared. Now, no files are cleared and the process must be repeated once the master FlashScan has been connected.
  • The What's New window contents were being corrupted when the window was maximized.
  • Sorting by the date column in the "Recent Items:" file lists was not sorting am/pm times correctly.
  • The Target OS field was not being saved correctly for files in BBX Quick Setup.
  • User was not being prompted to save changes prior to opening a new tune file.

Build 301 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed problem with Cummins CME CM2350B checksum display.
  • Fixed problem with CSP5 checksum generation.
  • Added Seventh, Eighth and Ninth to the GEAR PID.
  • Fixed Access Violation when closing the Scan Tool window if any property window was still open/active.
  • Fixed Access Violation when using the charts filter option if no data was loaded.

Build 299 Bug Fixes:

  • Saving CMD and CME tune files in the V8 software caused the error “VariableCRC_START1_1does not exist” to occur.
  • Scan Tool [F6: Maps] display was disabled after the beta software was promoted to RC1.
  • Scan Tool pass through recording and monitoring options were disabled after the beta software was promoted to RC1.
  • "Target OS” override setting did not allow target controller’s OS to be overridden when flashing remotely via AutoCal.

Build 297 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed problem with E83 black box reading setup that caused $0504 error.
  • Fixed error caused when the [F6: Devices] window is open and you click on the [Edit AutoCal Settings] button in the [F5: BBX]->[F6:Quick Setup] window, the error “Cannot make a visible window modal” is displayed.
  • Fixed problem cause when using the [F8: Tools]->[F2: Search]->[Browse] tab page to browse for EFILive files, the folder contents displayed in the right hand list view can unexpectedly switch back to the folder that is currently highlighted in the left hand tree view.
  • Fixed VIN/OS columns when using the [F8: Tools]->[F2: Search]->[Browse] tab page. Those columns were not populated when the “Extract Part Numbers From File” option was selected.
  • Fixed issue where deleting frames from log files would fail if more frames were selected than the number of horizontal pixels displayed in the charts display.
  • Fixed “Integer overflow” issue when opening corrupt/damaged tune files.
  • When unlinking AutoCals, the “Can Self Sign” option is now also cleared.
  • Fixed [F6: Devices] window so that it now correctly shows the currently open *.dat file in the window’s title bar.
  • If the chart inspector is on a frame that no longer exists after deleting or cropping frames or applying a filter, then it is now automatically repositioned to the closest existing frame.
  • Cropping data in the charts display after making a selection by clicking and dragging the mouse from right to left causes all data to be deleted instead of just the unselected data.
  • The chart frame count was displayed one frame less than the true frame count when no data was selected.

Build 296 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed “Auto Detect” not working in scan tool.
  • Synchronized frame counter and time stamp across all tab pages after clearing log file or starting new log.
  • Synchronized time stamp across all tab pages while recording is paused.
  • Log filename in title bar was not being updated after clearing log file or starting new log.
  • Save dashboard and save log file prompts sometimes appear even when no changes have been made.
  • Changing scan tool controller selection while a PID search is active may result in an access violation.
  • Controller selection display was not being updated when opening a log file.
  • Save button becomes enabled after selecting a transmission controller that is incompatible with the selected engine controller.
  • Changing the zoom factor of a chart while playback was paused caused the chart display to become corrupted.
  • Opening a new dashboard file does not ask to save current dashboard modifications.
  • Double clicking desktop icon while EFILive V8 is already running causes an “Unsupported file type” error message.
  • Selecting PIDs by dragging a group header (such as EDA PIDs) to the PID selection twice cause multiple blank lines to appear at the end of the PID selection list.
  • Beta Warning display prevents main window redrawing correctly if main window was maximized when previously shutdown.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the wide band stoichiometric value from being stored on FlashScan and AutoCal devices correctly. Under some circumstances a value such as 14.7 would get rounded to 15, then stored as a stoich value of 0.15.
  • Changed the [F8: Tools]->[F2: Search]->[Browse] tab page to use “Controller” as a column header instead of “Stream”.
  • Fixed Access violation when scroll bar is moved while no data exists. Part of this fix also standardized the visibility of the zoom bar. It is now only visible when data exists.

Build 295 Bug Fixes:

  • When saving *.pld data log files that were originally imported from *.efi (black box and V7 data log files) the original filename is used with the new *.pld extension.
  • When importing *.efi data log files, if any PIDs were not able to be imported and the data was saved as a *.pld file, then the data in the *.pld file would not be loaded correctly the next time the *.pld file was loaded.
  • When importing *.efi data log files, that contain both engine and transmission PIDs, while selecting only an engine or transmission controller instead of both, a list of PIDs that could not be imported (because their controller was not selected) is displayed.
  • Using the task-bar, short-cut menu to open *.pld files while EFILive V8 was already running did not work.
  • Fixed problem with calculated PIDs not resolving partially qualified PID names. E.g. pid("WO2S.WO2AFR1") would resolve correctly, pid("WO2AFR1") would not.
  • Fixed problem where the quick-start list, right-click, context menu item ”Update All Items” would delete the VIN and OS from *.efi items in the Scan Tool quick start list.

Build 294 Bug Fixes:

  • USB Manager is now supported on Windows 10.
  • Fixed CVNs not displaying correctly for speedometer and System segments on some E67 controllers.
  • Authentication code was not being generated correctly for very old FlashScan V2 devices.
  • Fixed Access Violation if a PID selection filter is active when a new scan data log file is opened.
  • Fixed Scan Tool not displaying signed negative values correctly.


FlashScan/AutoCal Boot Block: V2.07.007 (Feb 07, 2014) and

FlashScan/AutoCal Firmware: V2.07.102 (Jul 08, 2016)

Known Issues:

  • When logging DMA PIDs (i.e. PIDs whose names end with “_M” or “_DMA”), if the ignition is switched off for an extended period while data logging but data logging is not terminated, then when the ignition is switched on again the data log automatically continues. However the DMA PIDs may no longer return valid data. EFILive recommends stopping the data log and restarting the data log when switching off the ignition for extended periods.

Build V2.07.102 Enhancements:

  • AutoCal OS override message now displays "Ctrl: Unknown" and "File: Unknown" instead of just "Unknown" when the controller or the file contains an invalid operating system number.
  • Added Pro Tuning license status display to FlashScan in: [F4 Options]->[F3 About...]->[F2 License Details]->[F3 Tuning Licenses].
  • Cleared keypad buffer prior to displaying messages, which prevents the message being cleared instantly by pending keys in the keypad buffer.

Build V2.07.101 Enhancements:

  • Changed Target OS Override warning message on AutoCal from “OS FAULT, CONTINUE” to “OS ALERT, CONTINUE”. To better differentiate it from the “OS FAULT, ABORT” message.

Build V2.07.100 Enhancements:

  • Added option to automatically save a trace file if/when black box reading or flashing fails. The auto-save feature is enabled by default, change it using the F4 Options -> F1 Setup -> F1 Edit Settings -> Trace option. Or use the EFILive V8 Device Settings window: [F6: Devices]->[F7: BBX]->”Automatically save trace file if read or flash fails.”. Note: If there is not enough space on the device’s [Data] file system then the trace file will not be saved.
  • Boot block and firmware version numbers are now displayed with 3 digits for the version number, like this: V2.07.100.

Build V2.07.99 Enhancements:

  • Added extended license validation to prevent VIN licensing using phantom serial numbers: “400000000” and “800000000”.

Build V2.07.98 Enhancements:

  • Updates for new CMD/CME controllers.

Build V2.07.101 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed flash failure on some T87 controllers.

Build V2.07.97 Bug Fixes:

  • Prevented timer signals being incorrectly directed to the low speed CAN bus by blue FlashScan devices.


V7 Software: V7.5.7 Build 309

Known Issues:

  • When opening a tune file from Windows Explorer, either by double clicking on it or right-clicking and selecting “Open” and the file cannot be opened for any reason, then no error message is displayed and the file is not loaded. To view the error that prevents the file from being opened, first start the Tune Tool software, then attempt to open the tune file; the error will then be displayed normally.

Build 309 Calibration Updates:

  • None.

Build 308 Calibration Updates:

  • CMD and CME Cummins calibration updates.

Build 307 Calibration Updates:

  • CMD and CME Cummins calibration updates.

Build 306 Calibration Updates:

  • CMD and CME Cummins 6.7L table enahncements and bug fixes.
  • E83B – added support for OS12657113

Build 305 Calibration Updates:

Cummins Diesel:

  • CMD and CME Cummins 6.7L Transmission table bug fixes.

GM Gas:

  • E39 - regeneration of calibration files for cam tables bug fixes.
  • E80 - support for 2 new OS’s and bug fixes for existing OS’s.

GM Diesel:

  • E35B - removal of DSP5 for un-supported operating system.

Build 304 Calibration Updates:

Cummins Diesel:

  • CME 2016 operating system support; including CSP5 for selected OS's.
  • CME 2013-16 Cummins 6.7L Transmission parameters.
  • CMD 2010-12 Cummins 6.7L Transmission parameters.

GM Gas:

  • E39 – added support for 12661794
  • E83B – added support for 6 new OS’s, parameter changes for all OS’s.

GM Diesel:

  • AL5 fixed calibration display issues for calibration D5008 in OS 15196784.

Build 303 Calibration Updates:

GM Gas:

  • E92 - added support for 3 new operating systems, added DMA PIDs.
  • E80 - added support for 4 new operating systems.
  • E78 - added support for 3 new operating systems.
  • E39 - added support for 6 new operating systems, parameter changes for existing OS's.
  • T43 - added support for 3 additional operating systems.
  • T87 - added support for 1 additional operating system, parameter enhancements for existing OS's.

GM Diesel:

  • E98 - Initial release of 2.8L Duramax calibrations and DSP switchable tuning for USA based customers.
  • E98 - Calibration updates for existing operating systems, added DMA PID's.
  • A50 - initial release of 2011-2015 Allison transmission calibrations.
  • E20 - added support for 2 new operating systems.

Build 309 Enhancements:

  • None.

Build 308 Enhancements:

  • Added AutoLocking for T87 controller.

Build 307 Enhancements:

  • Added new GM DTC descriptions.

Build 306 Enhancements:

  • CMD & CME Cummins 6.7L scan tool enhancements.
  • CMD & CME Cummins 6.7L transmission table enhancements.
  • Split editor tool bar button [+/-] into two distinct buttons: [+] to add specified value and [-] to subtract specified value.
  • Split editor tool bar button [%] into two distinct buttons: [+%] to add specified percentage and [-%] to subtract specified percentage.
  • Added the missing right-click context menu back into the V7 Scan Tool Maps display.

Build 303 Enhancements: 

  • Added Auto-Lock for selected operating systems for A50, E78, E92 and T43 controllers. A minor restriction exists for the A50 Auto-Locking: Auto-Locked files cannot be cal-flashed into A50 controllers, they must always be full-flashed.
  • Added DMA PIDs to E98 controllers
  • Added DMA PIDs to E92 controllers.
  • Prevented tool-tip popup that showed the map’s filename from displaying on the Scan Tool maps. The tool-tip now only displays when the mouse pointer hovers over the map title.

Build 309 Bug Fixes:

  • When an LMM tune file with operating system 12620015 is loaded into V7.5 no calibrations are visible.
  • Spelling correction in sae_generic.txt "bandk" changed to "bank".
  • CMB OS 11352409 CSP5 patch was missing, now re-instated.

Build 308 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed problem with CSP5 checksum generation.

Build 307 Bug Fixes:

  • Split the E87 PID selections into E87A and E87B.
  • Changed calculated PIDs “logical not” operator that uses the “!” symbol to implement a “logical not” correctly. It was incorrectly implementing a “bitwise not”. “Bitwise not” operations use the “~” symbol.
  • VE coefficients tables were not showing up in file comparisons

Build 303 Bug Fixes:

  • CMD & CME Cummins 6.7L calibration table bug fixes.
  • CMD & CME Cummins 6.7L scan tool minor bug fixes.
  • Some E86B operating systems were not being recognized correctly.
  • Default scan tool maps were not being included in the V7 installation defaults folder.

Documentation Updates

  • EFILocker COS Patch.pdf
  • EFILive Error Codes.pdf
  • Cummins 6p7L CM2350B CSP5 User Guide.pdf
  • Cummins 2006-2009 Quick Start.pdf
  • Cummins 2010-2016 Quick Start.pdf
  • EFILive Software Testing Guidelines.pdf
  • Cummins 5p9L CM849 CSP5 User Guide.pdf
  • Cummins 6p7L CM2100A CSP5 User Guide.pdf
  • Cummins 6p7L CM2200 CSP5 User Guide.pdf
  • Duramax 2p8L 2014-2016 DSP4 User Guide.pdf
  • Duramax E98 2014-2016 Quick Start.pdf
  • EFILive AutoCal Info For Tuners.pdf

Knowledgebase Updates https://support.efilive.com/kb.php

  • Online Ordering
  • License Purchases & Activation Codes FAQ
  • Return Policy
  • Shipping Policy
  • Diagnostic Trace Files
  • Getting the Latest Software
  • Finding FlashScan & AutoCal Serial Number and Authentication (Auth) Codes
  • Backing Up FlashScan V2 & AutoCal Licenses
  • Locking FAQ
  • Move Tune and Log Files to.from FlashScan V2/AutoCal