The Download EFILive web page has changed.  In addition to listing downloads for the latest public release, we've also added links to the most recent pre-release software.  Customers can now decide which software is most appropriate for their needs without navigating between our downloads page and forum posts.

Are you running our latest release? Our latest pre-release, October 16, 2013 contains updates for FlashScan V2 and AutoCal boot block, V7 software, V8 software and firmware, and is the software needed for both E92 calibration support and CSP5 switchable tuning.

It is important for customers to update their software and firmware regularly.  Each software release may include a range of new features such as new vehicle support and additional functionality for specific controllers along with items that further enhance or improve the look and functionality of our software.  

For EFILive to offer timely software support, all customers in the first instance will be asked their software and firmware versions.  Customers not running the latest public releases will be asked to update before additional support is made available.  Stay tuned, we have more changes coming to improve customer support.