It's been a busy six weeks since we first advertized for Software Build Testers!  The response was overwhelming and the task of selecting a broad cross-section of users was difficult.

The software build team is now being put through their paces, testing their third round of software in under one month.  The end result is that our next release will deliver our customers the most thoroughly tested software release to date as well as deliver some great new features.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the new features our build testers are currently working on:

  • A range of "Power-Up"options for FlashScan and AutoCal to access special reset or operational modes by holding down certain keys during the powering up process.
  • AutoCal "Quick Setup" option to allow tuners to create a complete AutoCal configuration/setup in a single file that can be emailed to a customer and easily installed on the customer's AutoCal device.  
  • "Can Self-sign" allows the AutoCal device to save any file that it reads from any controller as if it had been saved by you using the "Save for AutoCal" option.
  • AutoCal splash screen text customization.

There is also a range of enhancements to existing supported controllers presently being tested.