EFILive is currently recruiting a diverse range of users and customers for software build testing.

Software build testers are required to test the performance and stability of each new software release before the release is made publicly available.  NOTE: This is not new controller or new feature development testing, this is software installation and testing.

Software build testers will be required to provide feedback on:

  1. Application Software (V8 Scan and Tune, firmware and bootblock upgrades, V7 software, and EFILive utilities programs) including;
    • Provide feedback on the upgrade process from one software version to the next.
    • Report trivial bugs (e.g. spelling mistakes, window placement/alignment issues).
    • Report functionality bugs (e.g. clicking on a button does not work).
    • Report show stopper bugs (e.g. application crashes, or engine no-start conditions).
    • Test software and firmware changes described in the release notes of each beta update. 
  2. Supported Controller Testing including;
    • Test Read function for controller(s) in V8 software (and V7 software if applicable).
    • Test Calibration Flash and Full Flash functions for controller(s) in V8 software (and V7 software if applicable).
    • Test changes made to Custom Operating Systems (as applicable).
    • Test scan tool change functionality (as applicable).
    • Perform standalone and pass-through logging on scan tool changes (as applicable).
    • Test calibration parameter changes (as applicable).
    • Submit trace files/data logs as confirmation of testing and for any issues identified.

To qualify to be a Software build tester, you must fulfil all of these pre-requisites:

  • Own or have unlimited access to at least one Supported Vehicle as listed on our website that you are willing and authorized to reprogram.
  • Own or have unlimited access to FlashScan V2 hardware.
  • Own or have unlimited access to AutoCal hardware (optional).
  • Have an advanced understanding of tuning using EFILive's publicly released software.
  • Own a PC or Laptop currently running EFILive's publicly released software and have good general PC knowledge.
  • Have a working knowledge of Windows (Win8.1, Win 8, Win 7, or Vista) and know how to copy/move files, install/uninstall software and device drivers.
  • Have a spare laptop (or desktop) that is not currently being used to run the existing EFILive software. Or be willing to install the beta software over the top of your existing EFILive software, possibly rendering it inoperable.
  • Be willing to sign a non-disclosure/beta test agreement.

EFILive is recruiting a diverse range of users from professional workshops, to home enthusiasts. Positions exist for each supported controller, and various windows operating systems.  Applications will be selected based on the details submitted on the application form, such as which vehicle(s) you have access to and what experience you have with EFILive products.   


Applications must be submitted using the online Software Build Tester Application Form before March 13th 2014.