Did you know that you can set a passcode on your FlashScan V2 device to prevent unauthorized use?

When a passcode is set, FlashScan will display the "FlashScan is locked, Please enter your PIN" message when powered on. The FlashScan device will be non-responsive to most PC based commands, including requests by the PC software for firmware and boot block version information. Because the PC can't read the firmware and boot block info it assumes they need updating. To reactivate FlashScan, a valid passcode must be entered.

The Passcode function is managed by following the steps below on your FlashScan V2:

  • F4 Options -> F1 Setup -> F3 Change PIN
  • Enter the current PIN and press [Enter] (If there is no PIN set, press [Enter])
  • Enter New PIN, (If you wish to specify no PIN, just press [ENTER])
  • Then press [ENTER] again to confirm.

A PIN recovery service is available should you forget your PIN. Simply key through the "FlashScan is locked, Please enter your PIN" message when FlashScan is powered on to receive the PIN recovery code.

Email the PIN recovery code, along with your warranty registration information, FlashScan serial number and the approximate date and place of purchase to pin@efilive.com.